Faith and its literal

Is Faith a scary word?

Depends who faith is…


It is for gods and politicians, without faith they can’t exist

Faith can be strength

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It depends in what context it is used.

Given faith is belief without proof, having faith can be a bad thing where there is factual evidence which contradicts faith, yet those who follow a faith can be so obstinate and intransigent in their own belief system, that they will go to great lengths to subjugate and deny any opposing belief, even if that belief is true and evidencable. In some quarters, will take human life to uphold their faith.

“Where there is evidence, no one speaks of faith. We do not speak of faith that two and two equal four or that the Earth is round. We only speak of faith when we wish to substitute emotion for evidence.” - Bertrand Russell.

I bet they could!

True…or Hope… or even Charity!

Faith in religious terms has been used since early times of communication to control the masses and quite successfully too.

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I think faith is man made,as much as i would love to believe 100%,i am 30%ish.
Hundreds/thousands of years ago churches/temples were a place of entertainment where they learnt about faith.

Yes, but respectfully isn’t that being a little simplistic?
I’m not looking for an argument,I’m genuinely intrigued.

No, not really. With religion comes fear of the unknown and what better way of controlling people than by fear.

I’ve always thought the “literal meaning” of “faith” is having great trust or confidence in something or something.

I have Faith in several people and several things and I don’t find the word “Faith” at all scary.

If one is using the word in respect of any particular god or religion, then I have never had that kind of faith and have never wished to.