Fabulift anyone?

I was just watching the shopping channel where they showed an amazing transformation of a lady with crows feet and wrinkles into someone with smooth, line-free skin. I was wondering whether anyone here has tried this miracle product.

When we were children my best friend and I were making predictions about future inventions. She said that by the time we grow old they will have cream that you put on your face and it’s like you’ve had a face lift. If you watched the presentation you would believe that our prediction has now come true.

Yes I saw that on Facebook…wonder if it’s true?

Sounds great if a bit too good to be true .

Yes, apparently it does work, but it’s only a temporary thing that lasts I think for a few hours.

Yes they said it would last about eight hours. But you can just reapply it. The stuff was amazingly cheap given the effects.

I think I’d be a bit scared to put anything like that on my skin.
What on earth can be in it?

I was wondering that too Mups. Perhaps it’s some sort of cement?! When you smile it cracks?!!! Plus when you stop using it does your skin recover from the constant change?

It makes me think of that film countess dracula. She’d wash in the blood of virgins and look suddenly young. Only it would keep wearing off and she’d look older and older each time…:shock:


Simple chemical reaction, far safer than Botox.

A temporary fix.

It is just very expensive Pile Cream.

So all I need to buy is a tube of anusol and put it on my face? :lol:

Everyone I know and care about is aging right along with me, so I don’t worry about such things.

Besides who notices the wrinkles if you are smiling and laughing?

When you leave someones company, do they remember what a good time they had with you or where the creases were on your face? I couldn’t tell you where one single line or crease is on any of the 50+ women in my life.

Now if they want to research the issue with our collagen production as we age, I am all for it, but it will be for the next generations not ours.

I honestly couldn’t be bothered. Besides I’d have to cover my whole body in it !

I just iron mine :mrgreen: