F1 - Turkey : Hamilton penalised 10 grid places!

Lewis Hamilton has been penalised 10 grid positions
for this week ends Turkish GP !!
I Don’t know why, but that is what has happened ??
Donkeyman! :+1::grin::+1:

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@Donkeyman Get outta town!!!

Where are you getting your news from DK? I’ve looked and I can’t find anything! I know that I’m in Africa but the news does filter through!!!

Are you having me on again DK???

I’m having a :049: attack!!!
My entire weekend was planned around the Turkish GP!!!


Engine change, so only one left!
Lewis Hamilton to serve 10-place grid penalty for Turkish Grand Prix | Isle of Wight County Press


It’s true @Minx Lewis Hamilton dominates practice in Turkey after suffering grid penalty

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Not my Hammy!!!

It’s only 10 places and Lewis will soon recover those once he is all revved up :+1:

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Found it!

Thanks for the update!

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Verstappen ended up last because of engine change, bet Hamilton won’t complain he’s unfairly treated.

Ten place penalty is a walk in the park for Hammy


Still doesn’t explain the leniency .

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Er… yes it does…Mercedes has opted to only swap Lewis’ internal combustion engine (ICE), which will cost him ten places at the race start, instead of a full power unit swap, which would relegate him to the back of the grid.

Is Hamilton Academical?



No, its not the Scottish football club




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Indeed! These blokes know EXACTLY who I’m referring too!


He could probably start in Hamilton and still win !

Yeah, he is after all the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) innit.


Nice one Tedc, well appreciated. :grinning: :biking_man:

Hamilton was fastest but takes a 10 place penalty so Bottas P1 and Verstappen P2