F1 - Shakir Cracker Max/ Le Clerc! It’s the car!

Crash drama!
Sakhir action!
What a race, what a car - Mercedes!

It’s happening!

What bad luck for Mercedes! Tyre trouble all round in a huge way!

Yes an uncharacteristic mistake from Mercedes, but it’s fantastic that sergio has won his first gp, and he doesn’t have a drive for next year, shame for George Russell though , but at least he did nothing wrong and the team let him down…

Catastrophic performance by the pit crew! Double stacking chaos! Gutted for Russell!
Glad for Perez, Red Bull should grab Perez

Yes apparently the crew’s radio had a problem and they didn’t get the right call , yes I agree minx, sergio should be in a red bull next year, but he’ll be there in 22

Such a disappointment on both counts

Proof that Lewis isnt the super hero after all !!
Good to see new faces at the top!!!


Or it could be that George Russell is the next superhero, and he’s British

I think its quite likely Primus !
The fact that he out drove Bottas speaks volumes in my book !
What exactly was the problem with Russels tyres?
Was the wheel left loose?
Or was it the wrong choice of tyre?
I saw video of his front right wheel sitting off of the ground ??


Wrong tyres were put on his car. This was corrected then he got a slow puncture.

The problem bottas had was old tyres were put on his car and his pace eventually dropped off which made him look very ordinary, which is a bit unfair, he’s had a lot of bad luck this season which hasn’t helped his championship, Russell though has done enough to secure a drive at Mercedes in the future, he might even be driving this weekend if lewis hasn’t recovered enough, it’s also a hurry up to lewis to sign a new contract, Mercedes are saying, “ look, we also have a very good driver in Russell that we can put in your car if you don’t sign “

Thanks for that Minx!
That explains the wheel off the ground l saw??
Good to see the mighty fall occasionally l think ??

Theres a lot in what you say Primus, especially regarding Hamiltons

contract and wages ?
It looked like he was going to use the the narrow escape in the
previous race as leverage for even more money, due to how
dangerous his job was ???


Sorry guys I’ve only just watched the race so didn’t want to know the result and comment earlier.

Perez has been my driver of the day on several occasions and is a driver who I greatly admire. He deserves that win like no other driver, his driving has been exciting and skillful throughout this season, and I have been watching him closely, even though the commentators have neglected him in the past with hardly a mention.

George Russell is amazing, and when he was called in after the puncture I’m surprised they didn’t tie one arm behind his back to make it even more difficult and show Lewis up for the imposter that he is! They tried just about everything to thwart George, but he would not lie down and play dead, even up to the chequered flag. From probably the most efficient, practiced, and precise team in F1 I find it hard to believe that the comedy of errors displayed in this race wasn’t intentional. Not one mistake after a whole season of racing and now we have several at the same time. It was probably a coincidence, but it just seems highly suspicious to me.

If Russell had won, there would have been more leverage for Mercedes to tell Lewis not to be a Diva cause it’s the car not the driver that wins races. I doubt it was intentional.
So looking forward to next season since McLaren will be using Mercedes engines!

Lewis is a great driver, and yes, he’s in the best, and fastest f1 car ever, with the team with the most money( ok so has Ferrari)
but lewis rarely makes mistakes and gets the most out of the car and knows when to push and does what’s required, as did Schumacher ( who also had the best car on the grid) , it’s rare that drivers get the chance to show what they can do in a faster car and Russell rose to the challenge admirably, I doubt Mercedes pit error was intentional they get massive prize money the higher in the points they are, I agree with foxy, Perez was the driver of the day for me too, yes he was lucky benefiting from mercs error, but he drove a great race from being spun out in last place to win, well deserved, it’s a travesty he hasn’t got a drive next year but ,hopefully he’ll be back in 22, and we might see more of him at the front as the new rule changes come into force, we’ll have to see…

Judgement on Perez reserved. Verstappen and Le Clerc were not in the race…

Put Verstappen, Le Clerc or Perez in a Mercedes, now that would be something…:cool:

You missed out Ricciardo OGF ??
What have you got against him ??


Ricciardo has driven the best cars in the past Donkeyman and never realised his potential, and whereas he is a good driver and achieved podium finishes he has never been consistent, and I don’t think he is a ‘Hungry Driver’ anymore. Age, good living, and a loving family tends to re appraise your priorities…
And wouldn’t you shuffle your priorities for that…?

Fair enough OGF !!
Just wanted to know your reasons ??
Thanks for that!!