F1 - Russian GP : Sochi

Yes Primus, it was a bad call for Norris!
Hammy did well!

I’m so sorry DK! It wasn’t my intention!
We’ll have to see how things go!
The race for the Championship is on!

HAMMY did well


I’d class it as Max did better last to 2nd is no mean feat.

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Absolutely agree with you there! Awesome result!

@Minx , Never mind Minxy, l will get over it !:grin::grin:
Mark my words, “Hammy” is in for a hard time !!
Donkeyman! :+1::hugs::+1:

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Oh I don’t doubt it! But that’s what we need! Some decent competition!

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Yes I guess so… Still, almost a minute behind Hamilton and all the rest of the competitors.

@Besoeker , Err, l thought Minxy said Max came second ???
Wouldn’t that put him in front of all the others ??:thinking::thinking:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

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2 points difference

It did and that’s what I said. He was second, almost a minute before Hamilton - 53.271 s behind Hamilton.

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Looks like lando will get a penalty for crossing the white line as he came into the pits,

@Primus1 , Couldn’t he say he was out of control when he turned in, due to the sudden wet ??
Excellent entertainment though !!
I thought they all seemed to make rather a lot of pit stops?
Did anybody keep count ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Yes, I saw that. Poor bloke was skidding all over the place, he should have boxed when he had the chance!

Two tyre changes. the switch to slicks (Intermediates) towards the end.

No, that won’t wash with the stewards, he was going too fast

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Do you think the stewards will cut him some slack since he was actually skidding in those wet conditions?Poor baby. I think he’s got a great future. Pity about the silly call he made .

Well, he’s just had a reprimand, so no penalty for the next race in turkey

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