F1 - Russian GP : Sochi

A power unit change means Max Verstappen will start Sunday’s Russian Grand Prix from the back of the grid.

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@Minx , l believe Max is joined on the back of the grid by Charles Leclerc ?
He also is running a completely new engine ??
So it looks like Red Bull and Ferrari are continuing development for the rest
of this season?
Whereas Mercedes seems to be concentrating on the new formula for
next year ?
If this new engine works for Max then he could still end up winning the
championship this year !?
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Yes that’s correct DK!

My take as well DK!

It’s going to be an awesome weekend! Love F1 weekends


@Minx , Better get the biltong out then !:hugs::hugs:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

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Here is the Quali start times!

Oh my word!
Such drama!

McLaren on pole! What a result!

First pole position

Fantastic for lando leclerc second but mr Saturday has done it again

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Yeah great result for Russell!

Excellent Quali and rookie mistake from Hammy crashing into the wall in the pit lane

What. Just. Happened. :exploding_head:

Just heard a rumour Minxy,
GP cancelled due to rain ??
What now ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No way? Lemme check

I can’t see anything as yet @Donkeyman

He’s having you on…:grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@Primus1 , Shhh! :grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

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Interesting qually!
Could be an interesting race race with the front runners mixing it up. Nice job with George Russell!

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@Besoeker , Yes very mixed up ! But l suspect Max didn’t bother to even
attempt to qualify ?? What would be the point ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Possibly getting useful information ?

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