F1 - Race 1 : Bahrain

Enjoying Race 1. Impressed with McLaren and Ferrari.
Perez doing a good job.
Aston Martin doing well.
Poor Haas with its rookies.
Your thoughts?

Wow, a close finish, shame for max but it shows how good lewis is, knowing exactly what to do , though I think this time, Mercedes might not have it all their own way this season

I agree Primus! It was a close race! Just what we wanted to see. A proper race!

More exciting than usual Minx !!
Pity about the controversy though?
FIA needs to get its act together imo ??
But if things carry on this way then it’s an improvement !


What’s the controversy donks…?

I was reading a report from the newspaper headlines o the race
and the comments the public are making about it in the feedback
section Primus??
Unfortunately l missed most of the delayed transmission due to not putting my clocks forward?
But what l saw mystified me at first as it seemed Max had been
leading Lewis and was drawing away and then suddenly he slowed
down,( seemingly for no reason) and allowed Lewis to pass and then
take the win?
apparently this was a race control imposed penalty for passing
Lewis earlier by going off track to complete the pass?
So far this was a completely deserved penalty !
However the controversy seems to come the fact that RC had earlier
ruled that it was ok for drivers to exceede track limits on one of the
corners and Lewis used this ruling to his advantage more than
20 times during the race, whereas Max did not use it at all untill
RBull twigged what Lewis was doing And told Max to do the same !
And at the same time complained to RC who then told Lewis to
stop doing it,( which he did)
By then Max had started to exceed the limits on that particular
corner so when RC stopped Lewis doing it, they then had to stop
Max from doing it again ? so only got 4 laps advantage from going
over the edge so to speak?
To me this means that RBull did not take advantage of the earlier
ruling allowing all drivers to exceed the limits on this particular
corner ??
But the controversy comes in because RC changed the ruling
AFTER the race had started ??
Hope l made sense,. what do you think ??


PS. I still prefer Moto GP Brilliant race this week end!!

To me there should be severe penalties for exceeding track limits, they should all keep on the black stuff, I hadn’t heard about this business with race control , I only know max had to let lewis pass as he overtook off the track, or face a harsh penalty

Watched the race and that was my understanding as well. Lewis got a warning to keep to the track limits. All four wheels were off track limits for Verstappen’s pass hence he would have had a prolonged advantage consequently, he had to let Lewis pass or face a harsh penalty.

It’s looking like it’s going to be the cracker of a season that I predicted! Fair chance for all teams. Super impressed with Checo. McLaren looking better and Ferrari seems to have sorted out their issues. It was a nail biting finish!

Yes , that’s the main criticism Primus, not the conduct of the teams
But the variation in the FIA rules, like it’s ok to pass with two wheels
over the line on some corners but not others, and then to change that ruling half way through the race, it’s not logical ??
As you say, the white line is the limit, and the line should only be
150 mm wide imo??
Let’s hope the FIA do better next time?


I still think Mercedes are spoofing??
In a couple of races they will turn the power up !!


Nah, donks, they’re giving it all they’ve got, it’s not so much the engine power as the aerodynamics, red bull have the genius of Adrian newey at their disposal, he’s responsible for designing race winning cars that have helped Williams, mclaren, red bull, to championships in the past,

Could be ??
How long has A.N. :!:been at Red Bull ??
I have heard that FIA plan to reduce aerodynamic aids soon as they
interfere with following cars too much and restrict overtaking ?


15 years

Bloody hell !!
Took him a while to get it right then. ??
Hope they keep it up!


Ha Ha! It took me a while to find this thread, I thought Minx was neglecting her duty…:smiley:
Yes it was a good race, but like Donkeyman, I didn’t like the change of rules near the end…I always thought you were allowed to put two wheels outside the line, but not four…

Sorry Minx…:wink:

Not on a bike OGF ??
I don’t think any wheels should be allowed over the line at all ??
And the line should only be 150 mm wide, NOT 1 metre !!
No room for confusion then ?