F1 - Italian Grand Prix - Monza

Yes! I saw that! He really let rip on that last lap to win that extra point!

Mind you, McLaren do have a Mercedes power unit ! :lol:


Max Verstappen has been handed a three-place grid penalty for the next Formula 1 race after he was found “predominantly to blame” for the crash with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian GP.

Verstappen will have to serve his penalty at the Russian GP on September 26 as stewards, following a post-race investigation, ruled that he caused the collision that ended both the championship rivals’ races.

The two drivers came together on Lap 27 of the Monza race after Verstappen, attempting to pass Hamilton around the outside of Turn 1 of the first chicane and the inside of Turn 2, hit a kerb and shunted into the Mercedes.

His Red Bull then landed on top of Hamilton, who was thankfully protected by the Halo safety device, before both cars ended beached in the gravel

Someone give that halo a Whiskey!

Thank you Minx! The right result in my opinion.

Verstappen was in a horrid mood after that horrendous pit stop! He told his engineer ”don’t talk to me unless it’s critical!” So he was major pi33ed by the time Hamilton exited the pit lane!

When the crash happened he said “That’s what you get for not leaving enough space <##^$¥+¥

In my opinion, he’s an arrogant idi0t - Hamilton could have been seriously injured!

Australia first and second at Monza !!
Up the Ozzie’s !!
They say Verstappen caused it, but to me it appeared as if Lewis robbed him of room on
the entry to the chicane ? One shot l saw it appeared that Lewis moved out
to the centre of the track leaving Max with the option of straight lining the
chicane or continue turning in to negotiate the chicane ??
So equal blame for me,and just a racing incident !!
Donkeyman! :hugs::hugs:


With respect DK, I’m going with the race stewards on this one! Verstappen got what’s coming to him!

I think I mentioned he reminds me of John McEnroe :smirk:

@Minx, that’s ok Minxy! No problem, you are obviously infatuated with Lewis
so you are entitled to your bias imo :grin::grin:
It was one of the most entertaining races this season even Bottas took
some chances,( and missed some) ?
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

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Truth be told, my infatuation lies with the Ferrari boys who didn’t do too badly today - all things considered


I’d have to agree with you! Edge of your seat stuff! Very entertaining!
I really thought at one stage that Bottas was going to take the race but he just couldn’t keep up the pace.

Hamilton was ahead of Verstappen.

After turn 2 definitely Hammy was ahead!

@Minx , Wasn’t turn 2 the chicane Minxy ??:thinking::thinking:
Donkeyman! ??

Yes he was, but only because he was just exiting the pit lane?
Max was approaching at high speed when Lewis ctually swerved out
enough to hinder Max from following his chosen line through the chicane ??
Anyway, it put both of them out of the race and we shall never know if the
Maclarens could have stayed in front??
A good outcome l think ??
Donkeyman! :+1::hugs::+1:

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I agree Minx a brilliant and exciting race. As to who was at fault? I think both drivers were driving too dangerously and both should have been relegated to the back of the grid for the next race. However! Max Verstappen has gone way down on my list of favourite drivers. Racing differences aside he should have most certainly checked to see that Lewis was okay before storming off…Some things are just more important than points and competition.

Good old Bottas, gets on with the job and keeps his head down. His gentlemanly conduct and safe driving has probably cost him world championships in the past, but has gained him my ultimate respect as a racing driver.

Very well done to the maclarens, especially Ricciardo, another gentleman racing driver in my book and a well deserved victory.

Why didn’t Perez give the place back? He could have been on the podium… :017:

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@OldGreyFox , Perhaps Perez didn’t think he could take the place back
again OGF ??
Real mix up of a race wasn’t it , entertaining though ??
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

I believe Lewis was trying to reverse out of the pile up when Max was allready
out of the car and viewing the carnage, apparently Max assumed from that,
that he was ok and didn’t need asssistance ? And so walked off ??
I think the reason Lewis was reversing was that he could not exit the car
due to Max’s car being on top of his halo device so he decided to reverse out ??
A very wise decision l think !?
BTW, I noticed neither driver has spoken about blame since the incident
to my knowledge ??
Donkeyman! :+1::thinking::+1:

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Lewis on Instagram (no blame though)


A very illuminating incident.

With one exception, everyone was concerned about Hamilton.

He could have been killed or seriously injured.

The exception was Verstappen.

That speaks volumes.


I totally agree with you Swimmy!