F1 - Imola Qualification (off track limits)

So, there’s this old rule that’s now being enforced. Norris must be ecstatic :071:

Checo did fantastic! :041: He’s bringing it!

Please share your thoughts?

Lando should have stayed on track.

I don’t know nuffink about it??
What’s happened, l been watching Moto GP qualifiers !!!


Looks like they’re adhering to the track limits, shame for lando, p2 would have been great for mclaren, still, the car looks good…should be an interesting race with Sergio on the front row

Yes, he should have.

Same rules as MotoGP - lap deleted due to going off track limits

Yes, it’s going to be a great race!

How can the rules be the same!!
A bikes only got two wheels ??

D man!!

Eat your heart out F1 !!
Moto GP just ended , three different bikes on the front row !
The most powerful and fastest bike on pole !
The lead changes three times during the race !
And Yamaha the winner !!
Beat that if you can ??


Wet start lots of drama a massive crash that resulted in the race being red flagged, max drove a great race to win, lewis made a great recovery from restarting in 8th, to finish second, lando third so two brits on the podium, a great race

Sounds like the drama was provided by the weather ??
not the driving??
Just saying!!


It certainly played its part, it was only wet just before the start, and about halfway through, lewis had to fight to get through to second, lots of good racing…

Well the first 2 races of the season have been pretty entertaining. I was surprised Max didn’t try for fastest lap after Lewis got it but I suppose he was more interested in finishing.

Just watched the replay, and l must say the last laps were brilliant !!
After. making several mistakes early on Hamilton dove really well
to finish in second, his overtaking was par excellence imo !!
Max and Orlando also drove well and fairly !
One low point was Vettel imo, who’s mission seemed to be to be
to get in all the fast boys way, l think he needs to go on a long
holiday ??


Both Aston,s had brake issues, vettel received a penalty for his car being worked on past the allotted time, he had to retire later on with gearbox issues…

Maybe he had problems??
But as a tailender he should keep out of the way not deliberately try
to to obstruct front runners imo ??

D man!

No he doesn’t deliberately impede other drivers, blue flags are waved to the driver about to be lapped, there’s also a blue light on the drivers steering wheel to indicate faster cars are coming up behind, if he gets shown the flag more than three times, he could face a penalty, he also has to do it where he won’t lose much time, as he could be racing another car, ( ok, not in this case) so he has to be mindful of that…