F1 - Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort

Any race day predictions? It was a cracker qualifier!

I think max might just edge it, but I think it will be close, but you never know anything can happen

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I think the Mercedes tactics will be better than Red Bull.

Verstappen will push himself too hard.

@Primus1 Your right there Primus, IT COULD EVEN RAIN AGAIN ??:grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

@Minx , thanks for the video Minxy, but F1 management have blocked it
from the OFC site !!??
Donkeyman! :-1::worried::-1:

@Donkeyman if you have YouTube, just search for the F1 channel!


Can’t wait to see how this goes down!

Almost time for the race!

Not the most exciting race I’ve seen…:frowning:

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And the race is over!

Nope, not really. The only ‘interesting’ part was the overtaking done on the outside line. Requires some skill.
Again, Perez moved up nicely but should never have been in that position in the first instance.
All in all, a fairly ok race.

Interesting that the soft,medium and hard compound tyres all work well on that circuit! The hard’s being the best option by far though?

Mercedes stuffed up Hamilton’s race! 3 tyre changes!

He wasn’t going to win so he went for the fastest lap near the end.

Well, the extra point does help the cause!

Yes, a bit meh, still, monza next weekend

Yes, can’t wait!

I hope it has a more excitement and zest next week.

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