Eyelash serum

Has anybody used it - does it work?

I have always had sparse eyelashes made worse by a condition of the eyelids called blepharitis.

I am so tempted to get some of this but my common sense tells me it won’t work - they’re just after my money!!

Or will it?

Has it got any reviews you can read through, Carol?

I have dry eye and it’s a nuisance, and I have noticed my eyelashes are not as long and thick as they used to be too.
My guess with this serum is it can’t work, and you’d need to get rid of the cause of the sparse lashes first, then maybe use the serum to give them a boost afterwards. But if you still have the blepharitis, I can’t see serum doing anything to be honest.

I have a scrupulous routine that keeps the blepharitis under control.
I have always had sparse lashes.

Yes the product (it popped up in face-book) had fantastic reviews but I think they make them up…

Just wondered if such a thing was possible.

Carol, this is quite interesting if you scroll right down.
Have a read when you get a mo.

Carol,be very careful when using a product like that, especially as you would be applying it yourself,

I used to have eyelash extensions, had to give them up as I became allergic to the glue,after a few months of having them professionals applied,I have now go onto a lash lift,which is a perm, they make my eyelashes look much fuller,plus I don’t need to wear mascara, which I hate to use.

Again the lift is done professionally,it is quite uncomfortable while being permed, but for the result I get it’s worth it…

Carol, Mr Mags has been using Blephasol for a week now after advice from his ophthalmologist. He suffers from dry, sore eyes. He has to use it on his eyelids twice a day - too early to see any results but he says his eyelid edges feel a lot better.
He has to use it for two weeks.

This is not the serum you ask about but more a soothing liquid for the dry eye lids. If the liquid was recommended, maybe the serum would be too?

Mags, l use Blephasol lotion. The consultant at the hospital recommended it for removing my eye make up when l had the chalazion. My doctor put it on my repeat prescription. It is about £10 to buy.
Another doctor prescribed Blephagel but that really stung my eyes and made them worse.
I also use Minims drops.

Yes Art, Mr Mags paid £10 for his Blephasol, it certainly keeps your eyes clean.

Carol, l don’t think l would dare to try it, unless the doctor said it would be ok to use it.
It could make your eyelids swollen and you’d lose even more eyelashes!
I remember a couple of friends once told me that the drops they had been prescribed for their eyes, made their eyelashes grow. Unfortunately, l didn’t have the eye condition that they suffered from!

I just read the link Mups posted. Latisse sounds promising but not perfect. It can only be used on the top eyelids. What’s the point of that if you have no lower lashes?

I didn’t believe there was a serum that did this but I had hoped somebody on here might know about something I didn’t.

Even eyelash perming etc is no good when there are hardly any eyelashes to perm.:cry:

My hairdresser uses it…she said it worked so well she had to trim her lashes.

I thought I might try the L’Oréal Eyelash Serum its £14.99 from boots

You’re joking!!! :shock:

Let me know how you get on with the L’Oréal please. :slight_smile:

Carol, what was your decision in the end, did you ever try the serum or not?

The Latisse sounded like it might work but as it was originally intended for something else altogether and can only be used on top lashes I decided not to bother.

I think the rest are just a lot of hype by the beauty industry who are after our money!

I havent tried it yet Carol…i put the L’Oréal one on my Christmas list though :slight_smile: