Ever Been Caught Short?

Yesterday, out on the golf course, my golf ball sprang into the bushes, at the side of the course.

Whilst in there, looking for my ball, I noticed that there was a toilet roll hanging hung on a piece of string, hanging from one of the trees!

It was a touch smelly in there too.

My partner said that, since there are no toilets, on the course, they have to provide something in case people get “caught short”.


Question:- Have you ever been caught short in such a way that embarrassment had to follow?

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I have indeed, too many places to mention.

I worry when I travel on the bus for three hours, luckily I catch two buses, but you can never be sure when nature calls.

Oh! Yes! Ted.
Out with friends on a Dartmoor walk, no trees up there & not much cover, so I nipped behind a rock & asked said friends to keep guard. What they didn’t say was that a scout group had come around the bend in the track & they caught me with my trousers down. My friends were in hysterics!
Another time travelling to Cornwall with son as a baby & we always traveled by night as he slept all the way. I was dying for a pee, so OH pulled off the road in the pitch dark so I could go. I squatted down to pee & suddenly head lights where shining on me lighting me up, I backed up trying to get out of the beams only to fall back into a ditch full of stinging nettles. OH thought that funny too. A little further up the road, once I’d got back in the car, were toilets, those in laybys OH said, Oh! I forgot those were there. I could have killed him. :grinning:

Not exactly…

But, a few years ago, I was part of a church mission team - destination Zambia.

So we drove overland. Where we arrived at our mission church, alongside the Zambezi River just before sundown.

Since I was the rookie, I was ‘given’ the honour to ‘christen’ the brand spanking new LongDrop after dinner!!!

Of course, I politely declined… no way was I going to put my ‘business’ on display!

Needless to say, much, much later, I learnt what an honour I had been given which I had just earlier so foolishly declined.


:slight_smile: They have something similar here,I’ve been told.The Dunny.

Erm yes I have. I used to live up in the middle of nowhere and sometimes taking the dogs out, well… when one has to, one has to! Only for a wee though … :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that terminology was loosely flung around whilst everyone gloated me to go have a ‘session’…

I’d have went down to the river but it’s packed with :crocodile:

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One person has many times…just the one though…Yoga gives me inner core strength… :innocent:

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Never ask an ex policeman that question…!!!


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Blimey!They aren’t thistles are they?

I do drive long distances and I do carry a Cuddly bottle in my car but let’s face it going behind a tree in the middle of nowhere is easy enough (unless you are on the Nullabor).

There is an app/website:


They don’t provide toilets at a golf course so let members go anywhere they want?:flushed:

Yes I’ve had to go when I’ve least expected it but not at a social event. It was out in the middle of the forest while walking the dog.

Yes, when out fishing on a river miles from any form of habitation that’s why I always carry a plastic bag and wet-wipes in my tackle box.