England charged over laser pen incident

… as second ball on pitch also adds to winning penalty controversy

Uefa have opened proceedings against England over the “use of a laser pointer” which appeared to be shone in the face of Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel before Harry Kane’s semi-final-deciding penalty.

The penalty, which helped book England’s place in their first men’s European Championship, was already the subject of controversy after Raheem Sterling was accused of diving to win a penalty in the first half of extra time at Wembley on Wednesday night. Harry Kane’s penalty was saved by Schmeichel but the Tottenham striker scored on the rebound to put England 2-1 in front.

However, television footage later revealed that someone in the crowd shone a green laser pen in Schmeichel’s face in the moments before Kane stepped up to take the penalty.

It is unclear at this stage if Schmeichel was aware or if the laser affected him in any way but it was an unsavoury scene that drew condemnation from England fans on social media. And on Thursday morning Uefa also acted, with “the use of a laser point by its supporters” coming under one of three charges levelled at England following the match.

The other two are “disturbance caused by supporters during the national anthem” - England fans booed the Danish national anthem - and “lighting of fireworks by supporters,” - in England’s case, inside of Wembley. The case will be dealt with by the Uefa Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body “in due course.”

That was not the end of the controversy around the goal either, with there being a second ball on the pitch when Sterling collected the ball at the start of the move that led to him winning the penalty. The incident drew plenty of ire from the Danish press on Thursday, who complained about play being allowed to continue.

Referees usually stop play in accordance with the laws of the game if there are two balls on the field, although can use their discretion and ignore if the ball is not interfering with play.

However, on this occasion the stray ball was in the vicinity of Sterling and the Denmark defenders and could conceivably be said to be causing a distraction.

Less of a clear-cut victory and more of a shambles then … :102:

The English fans showed their usual good sportsmanship by once again booing during the Danish National Anthem and every time a Danish player got the ball.

I hate to say this but Forza Italia!!

A question for our photography members:-

Would it be possible to touch up a photo, such as this, with a green blob?

As for the "extra football, on the pitch, I have noted, at previous game, that, when a loose kick sends a ball up into the crowd, the supporters often hang on to it - only to throw it back later in the game.

These. as most football fans know, are just a method of mitigating it when you lose!

Here we go there as to be some sort of controversy over the win.
For me we clearly deserved the win after the ref conveniently missed the dead cert earlier penalty.
When Kane had his foot stood on in the box.
Has for the smudge of green as Ted as already stated easily done with photo shop or should I have said badly done.

The real reason all of this is blowing up is because we never allowed the blue eyed boys of the competition to win and go through to the next round like all the previous teams did.
“Oh we are so sorry you nearly lost a player, poor you’s. Here we will let you win”.

Italy be scared be very scared we are coming for you next.

Utterly atrocious and unacceptable behaviour.

I sincerely hope that those idiots are a small minority.

However, I do believe that it probably worked in favour of Denmark - not intending to take anything away from the marvelous skills which the Danish team possesses, but they turned out to be one of the most difficult teams to play against. Throughout the game, I felt that Denmark had as much chance of winning as England did. Sadly for them, it was not to be - this time! :wink: :slight_smile:

Yes. However, I reckon it is not fake. I would say that it was some idiot in the crowd who needs to be banned from attending matches for at least one full season.

You could be right about this. Whatever the cause, let’s remember that the “distraction” would also apply to the English players. :slight_smile:

Ah yes of course, silly me… England can do no wrong

I believe that this booing was aimed at a particular player, Ullabi, - the one who passed the ball back to Kaspar Schmeichel in the opening minutes. Schmeichel picked the ball up, and so England should have been awarded an indirect free kick just outside the six yard box. However, the referee waved ‘play on’! :surprised:

All the same, I don’t like to hear all that booing nonsense. After all, the guilty Danish player couldn’t be expected to insist that England have a free kick! LOL! :smiley:

The “so called” fans booed during most of the first half, not to mention during the previous match at Wembley against Germany.

Yes, Ullabi, but I’m sure it was aimed at only a certain player. The booing did not occur for the others.

Yes, I noticed that. I was genuinely puzzled by it. I can’t remember seeing this before. I do hope that it’s not another nasty habit creeping in to the game. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I believe you’re wrong regarding the Danish player who was singled out. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen or heard this behaviour from English fans, it’s becoming more and more common.

Yes, we’re a nation of yobs.

I’m embarrassed to be British sometimes. How things have changed in society over my relatively short lifetime.

I believe all our problems now can be traced to the doorsteps of the do-gooders.

It’s very sad, Ullabi. Another idea might be to have breathaliser tests on the gate. Too much alcohol can bring out the worst in many people.

Thankfully, one too many sends me the other way. I just want to get my tickling stick out and run around with me Ken Dodd outfit on! :smiley:

As others have said yes very easily but the question of copywrite crops up . If you alter a photo does the copywrite still belong to the originator of the photo or does it belong to your alteration making it infact a new photo. or are there now 2 copywrites?

I don’t know the answer

Just watched a re-run of the penalty.
First camera shows the green light moving around at the front and side of his head.
Second camera shot shows green light moving at the same side but the green light also is moving at the back of Kaspers head.?
Mmmmmm why did I not notice this last night.?

Also Ullabi I never said England were angels infact I would say quite the opposite.
But I believe that last nights match was a deserved win to England.
That spare ball was way over in the corner away from the penalty box. Plus I have said earlier we deserved at least one penalty out of two don’t you think. :lol:

The use of a pin-point laser pen can be clearly seen in this article and a video from BBC Sport.

I agree longdriver, somebody clearly shining a light at his face !!

Can only be English fan surely ??
Regarding the extra ball, aren’t the officials during the match
appointed by Uefa ?
On the match itself l think England made most of the running
particularly towards the end ?


Yes, the English fans tend to be hooligans Ulabi !
But the players are generally good sports and obey the officials
with little argument unlike some of the continental teams !
Regarding diving l believe this practice originated abroad, but has
now become general practice among all teams unfortunately !
This is now ruining the game imo, it has become a must have skill
for all aspiring footballers !!


Regarding the extra ball on the field, if it’s positioned on the field of play that could pose an indirect or direct obstruction to any of the players then the referee should put a halt to play and have the extra ball removed, but you have to bare in mind that the referee has to SEE the potential obstruction or for a player or players to inform the referee that there is an obstruction on the pitch. The referee did not see the extra ball and no player brought it to the attention of the referee.

If the referee did not stop the game due to the extra ball on the pitch then it was the responsibility of ANY of the Denmark players to immediately bring it to the attention of the referee. The fact the Denmark players carried on playing means they were not bothered by the ball being there.

It’s no good losing and then people coming to their defence saying ‘but the extra ball was an obstruction and the rules say the game should have been stopped’. Not bringing the issue up at the time it should have been raised and then complaining hours or days later just goes to show bad sportsman like behaviour from all those who are using it as an excuse to have a moan at England.

Football always brings out the worst in some people … and ignites the mob mentality.

So what’s wrong with booing the opposition? Absolutely nothing. I might hiss too if I’d had a few.

The laser pen incident was another matter.
Isn’t there safety concerns over them concerning damaging eyesight. At the very least the distraction was bad sportsmanship.

On the other hand … after reading what a Danish journalist penned about the match I lost any sense of sympathy toward Denmark.
I’m less than impressed with them as I’m at a total loss as to what Covid has to do with a football match.

'It is no coincidence that the third wave began in the British Isles and that it is so much more dramatic than elsewhere.

'Nor is it God’s random punishment that the country has the most corona deaths in Europe. It could have been avoided… but it was not avoided because the leadership is too “poor.”

‘And the corona fad is not an exception, but characteristic of a country that is so convinced of its exceptionalism that it even thinks itself exempt from a pandemic.’

He concluded ‘Let them party… And instead rejoice that you have woken up in Denmark today.’

As I said, football must just bring out the worst in people… including the losers.