End of Blood, Sweat and No Beers

In five hours time, at one minute past midnight NSW reopens, all the shops can re-open but there will be limits on the numbers of people who can congregate and masks must be worn indoors. Only fully vaccinated can visit shops (except essential services), pubs, clubs etc

People in Greater Sydney, Wollongong,Blue Mountains and the Central Coast cannot leave that area to visit the regions until 80% of the population are fully vaccinated.

You mean, supermarkets? Clothes shops etc?

Supermarkets are essential services so anybody can go but non essential shops like hair dressers, department stores, cafes, pubs etc are only for the fully vaccinated.

You still have to log in using the Service NSW app where ever you go.

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That’s interesting, Bruce…how are they enforcing it? Is it left to staff to sort it out?

That’s a moot point, vaccination status will show up on the Service NSW app when you check in but not for about another weeks time. At the moment it only shows up on the Medicare app.

Most places ask to see that you have checked in properly and my observation is that everybody complies so when the app has the vaccination status there will be two green ticks to show. How it will actually be enforced I don’t know.

Used to be the same over here. Why no beers? You mean pubs then?

Considering how few deaths from this disease in Australia compared to the UK I would suggest the restrictions through hard and lengthy have been successful.

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Pubs and registered clubs - you have always been able to buy alcohol from a grog shop, they are classified as an essential service (Australia has its priorities right :slight_smile: )

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I would imagine most Australians just do as they are asked, unlike us who go on and on about our civil liberties and human rights, resulting in tearing off our masks like we escaped Hatton Gardens :roll_eyes:

Love it.

Schools reopen next week, the radio was saying that the UK is not the example to copy with one in fourteen pupils having caught Covid. They are quoting San Fransisco as the gold standard to follow - don’t know why

The NSW Education department has just completed a survey of all schools regarding airflow and are formulating a program to improve it in older schools.

There is still a lot of concern here that reopening is too much, too soon. Only time will tell.

There is no good time, anywhere. :biking_man:

According to the NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, there will be no more lock downs in NSW. Some of the media claim he was a “let it rip” supporter from the off but has been toned down as a condition of support from the moderates in the Liberal Party, however he is an economic “dry”

Can you imagine the outcry here if only the vaccinated could go shopping? there would be mass demonstrations it just wouldn’t happen.

Supermarkets and essential stores/services are open for all and whether any business actually turns people away if they are not fully vaccinated remains to be seen.

80% vaccinations should be reached by 25th Oct when vaccinated NSW citizens can travel anywhere in the state, at the beginning of November the NSW should be fully open to all according to the current plan. I think by the beginning or middle of November over 90% of the population (over 16) will be fully vaccinated

Whether ACT will be open is unclear. My daughter is quarantining today as a casual contact until she gets the all clear from her covid test, she blames her husband who sent her out to get a takeaway :slight_smile:

The main carriers of covid at the moment are 20 and 30 year olds who were the last group to get vaccinated (apart from children)

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