Emoji quiz 5

can you work out the famous films from the collection of Emoji’s below?

  1. The Godfather
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9.The Wizard of Oz

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  1. Field of Dreams
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  1. Psycho
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  1. Up :balloon:
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5.The day the earth stood still ?

  1. The Godfather
    3 Up
    4 Field of Dreams
    8 Psycho
    9.The Wizard of Oz

only 5 correct answers i will try to give some clues to help you

2 knife can be used when we get the price for our meal
5 something made from bricks plus a letter
6 too much drinks
7 glad and surname
10 inspector of animals

these last 5 been here a few days now even with clues no seems to be able to guess them so will give you the answers now

2 Kill bill
5 Wall E
6 The hangover
7 Happy gilmore
10 Ace ventura pet detective

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Thanks Feey, never heard of 3 of them, and the other 2 I haven’t a clue how the pictures fit the titles,
too clever for me!

i also have no idea how the emojis fit the answers although yes have heard of all the films.