Emoji movie quiz 4

Can you name the films from the collection of emoji’s ?


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Hi, is number one The Godfather?

I should guess this one, shouldn’t I?

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9 - Wizard of Oz ?

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  1. Psycho

4 field of dreams

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5 Wall-E

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7 Happy Gilmore ?

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3 - Up ?

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  1. The Godfather
  2. Up
  3. Field Of Dreams
  4. Wall-E
  5. Happy gilmore
  6. Psycho
  7. The Wizard Of Oz

7 correct answers still No2 6 & 10 left to guess

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  1. Ace Ventura Pet Detective
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  1. The hangover
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wwell done @Minx just No2 left to guess now

It’s something to do with Japan :jp:
Wreaking my mind here :017:

  1. Kung fu fighting :exploding_head:

just for you a clue as yes its a hard one to guess


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  1. Kick boxer

sorry wrong although you are correct with my clue

You know, it’s a Sunday night here and I am meant to be relaxing and getting ready for another death defying week ahead at work so, this quiz doesn’t de-stress me!

I give up!


i wish to also finish this round tonight so heres the movie with its title removed

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  1. Kill Bill
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K B was my original clue so cannot be hell , boy is also wrong