Emo picture quiz 5

simply say what you see from the emo pics?




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  1. Burger King

  2. Ice lolly

  1. Shellfish
  1. Dog food / Dog’s dinner

3.Fire alarm
5.Poo Bear
10.Paper Boy

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  1. Happy Birthday :birthday:
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  1. Cookie Monster
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  1. Burger King
    3.Fire alarm
    4 Ice lolly
    5 Pooh Bear
    6 Shellfish
    7 Happy Birthday
    8 Dog food
    9 Cookie Monster
    10.Paper Boy

correct answers just No2 still to guess

  1. Press cutting?

Just wanted to say Thank you @Feey for doing this for us, I’m enjoying them.

sorry @Maver-rik 2 Press cutting … wrong

Ooo ooo ooo Paper cut

well done 2 Paper cut … correct

this round is now finished

flipping 'eck, you lot are too good, I missed it again lol

Me too!
You blink and it’s all over! :rofl: