Embarassing Moments

Have you ever done anything embarassing?

When I was about 21 years old, my friends and I went to a Country Pub out in the sticks somewhere, it was closing time, we all came out and the Pub doors shut, I realised then that I wanted to go for a Pee, no where to go, so I said to my friends look out for me, I am going to kneel down behind that parked car, the car park was full, I crouched down behind the car with my knickers at my ankles and the sodding car pulled away and left me there crouching on the floor doing a Pee, my friends laughed so much they just walked off and left me there with a red face.


Think yourself lucky, susie. If you did that today, you would have gone viral on Youtube by the time you got home. :grinning:


Just another Saturday night out in the ā€˜provincesā€™ :laughing:

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Donā€™t they have toilets up North?


Iā€™m sure I have, but I canā€™t think of anything significant, off hand. But there is something embarrassing that I would like to do, if that counts.

I have a very strong, almost overwhelming urge to run into the middle of my local High Street, stark naked, and shout out at the top of my voice, ā€œlook at me, Iā€™m butt naked and I donā€™t give a damnā€.

That proclamation wouldnā€™t be entirely true, though, because I would give a damn. That is to say that I would give a damn about having to show my face in my community afterwards. I think it would only be possible if I could show some form of justification for my behaviour.

If I could get somebody to dare me to do it, then I think I could pass it off as an act of bravery, rather than one of depravity. And if I could make it a dare involving a bet, I could also make a financial profit out of it. I get to satisfy my unwholesome desire; I come out of it looking like a real dare devil, and I earn a bit of money on top. Cool. But how do I get somebody to dare me to do it and make it seem like it is entirely their idea? :thinking:

I think I have mentioned elsewhere here the time I got stuck up a tree and had to be helped down by a young man, that was quite embarrassing, cos I was in my 50ā€™s at the time.

Harbieā€¦not a good look at your ageā€¦unless you keep a pipe and slippers type strut/pose.
We found on the nudist beaches hereā€¦strange how the men, lazy about reading a book in one hand, and the other placed securely by there sideā€¦
Then they go out for a swim all with that cocky look on their faceā€¦then they come out of the seaā€¦tiddlers for some strange reasonā€¦shrinking violetsā€¦
I would be embarrassed if I was a maleā€¦Think twice about this obsession Harbie.

Iā€™ve already thought about it a lot more than twice, Dianne. :icon_redface:

Hope it was not the streaking video that brought this to your thoughtsā€¦
I hate feelingā€¦well guiltyā€¦ by proxy would it be?..
How about having a nudist halloween party, would that be a relief for youā€¦ :shushing_face:

I might consider it if you dared me to do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I dare you

Ok first need to know what kind of party you would make for Halloweenā€¦
we all have our own ways of entertainingā€¦We use to have a lot of fancy dress partiesā€¦great fun but not nude partiesā€¦
So think about your invites and then sort a few gamesā€¦now games can be a right lot of funā€¦and funnyā€¦music and donā€™t forget foodā€¦tit bits are ok but maybe go biggerā€¦chicken breast dips are popular as are meatballs in a dip also.
Sure you have a few ideas up your sleeves Harbie.

I didnā€™t see that coming, Minx, you leave me in a rather awkward spot. :flushed:

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Did you pinch that from a Carry On film script, Dianne? :slightly_smiling_face:

Might have been scarier that way. :rofl: :rofl:

No but if you knew more about meā€¦close friends know naturallyā€¦my life is a carry on saga of sortsā€¦We had one today actuallyā€¦but donā€™t want to go off topic, Harbieā€¦

donā€™t push meā€¦ I have some very good Photos of times pastā€¦

Would a gentle nudge be okay? :thinking: