Elton John at Glastonbury

Brilliant I thought & he sings OK still too. The ginormous crowd loved him. His guests were good too.

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Not sure.

About what?

The quality.

He isn’t a young man any more, but he still sings better than some others of a similar age I’ve heard. Even some young ones.

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His musicianship is exemplary, his voice is questionable. Imo


I must be the only person in the world who never understood the appeal of Elton John…

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he doesnt appeal to me much , and not sure how he got to be an idol .having said that I did watch him tonight , because it was his last tour , and i read somewhere this was going to be different to what hes done previous.
well i liked some of the songs but ive heard them sung better .I was more interested in his hair piece , and i remember when he was going bald , he had some strands sewn into his scalp . Now hes got more than a few so i was thinking how painful that mop of hair sown into his scalp must have been ,
Then i thought no , thats a wig .

I was also intrigued with how he was walking , as he had knee or hip surgery , well my mind wondered from his head to his toes and i sort of missed a few of the songs lost in thought , I came too when i heard Rocket Man .Did I miss much ?

No you are not :grinning:

It’s clever to write music from someone else’s lyrics though,I think.

Not up my alley either but saw him last year.


I watched and I loved it his music was great… he has aged though hasn’t he… he obviously has issues walking but his face still looks young…go Elton you still have it!!


Another one, done and dusted :smiley: :icon_wink:

Yesterday I had a long drive home from Wales …but was determined to stay awake to watch Elton .

WOW he smashed it , 2 hours of pure magic . :heart:


Video of Elton John at Glastonbury 2023 for anyone who missed it.


Elton is 4 years younger than me & although I walk better I couldn’t sing like he does now & I certainly can’t play piano as he can.
Maybe his voice isn’t as good, but others in the same age group aren’t either. They are all stars even now in their twilight years.
I enjoyed Elton’s set, I’d not have watched it all if I hadn’t & the crowds watching were right with him all the time. Imagine performing in front of all those people at Glastonbury, it would be magic if possible…


I really enjoyed Elton John’s final U.K. performance at Glastonbury.
His voice may not be quite the same as in his youth but he is still a great musician and has a great stage presence - he has not lost the art of visual showmanship as well as being an excellent musician and he knows how to please his audience.

I loved the way he brought in other guest singers to sing with him too - especially the younger less well known ones.

I rarely watch pop music concerts but I enjoyed that one from start to finish.


I have no interest in music these days although my car radio is tuned into ‘Classic FM’ and while waiting for Mrs Fox shopping I’ll have a listen. I love Elton Johns early stuff especially his piano playing. ‘Rocket Man’ the film was brilliant, but I’m afraid Glastonbury is not my cup of tea at all…

He’s so much older now. Have you heard Paul McCartney live recently?

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I’m in that camp as well. :sleeping:

Elton John is a musical genius. Of course his voice isn’t as good as it used to be but he still sings in key and can still tickle those ivories pretty darn good.

Clearly the audience appreciated his talent and since they are the ones paying to see this then who cares what others think. Their opinions don’t matter.

He’s still got a lot of talent. I’d have loved to have seen him in concert.