Electric Meters

How are you managing your electricity?

Have you noticed the difference in price?

OM goodness…I swear they have put it up more…I’m using nearly £8 to £10 a day…that’s with only one storage heater on as well…I have to include all other electrical appliances in as well…kettle, immersion heater, .thankfully the weather has been pretty mild.

I still sit with a hot water bottle and throw around me…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using around £4 a day , i put heating on 2 hrs once in morning and once in evening and I have gas fire on low in lounge . Hot water bottle in bed and blanket on lap in evening. Thank goodness for the government money but that will stop .

One of my 97 year old lovely friends heating is on 21 24hrs a day, I dread to think of her bill

Sun shining today so my house feels warm

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I think electric is more expensive than gas,Susan, not sure though.

I have my storage heater on all day, as it heats up at night, then releases hot air from the bricks throughout the day, I know it probably does cost more, my friend has gas, my home is much warmer than hers, I think she turns it right down during the day.

As you say ,I’m also very thankful to the government for their help, I’ve just put £90 on my key, I also have a hot water bottle like you,plus a throw…

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Immersion heaters are a bit energy gobbling Pauline…

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I agree 100% …I put it on once a day, let it reach its temp, then turn it off…guzzles the money like you say.

Kettle also uses a lot of electricity.

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I suspect there’s something wrong there. What tariff are you on to be using that much electricity?You ought to be on the Economy 7 Night tariff if you have storage heaters which will also heat your water during the night .

I agree about the tariff Zulieka, I wonder whether @pauline3 is on the wrong one. My house is all-electric and I have storage heaters in every room except the shower room and bathroom (where there are heated towel rails) so I am on a tariff called Economy 10 where I get 10 hours of cheaper electricity - two hours each afternoon and then two in the evening plus the remainder during the night. My washing machine and dishwasher go on during the night and so does my immersion heater.

You suspect wrong, my electric meter has been checked, I am on economy 7 cheap rate at night, I am all electric.

My storage heater is huge, plus I’m all electric…I use a lot of electric during the day…I have also had my meter checked, I’m on economy 7 as I’ve already explained to another member.

Ok, I just thought that I was helping telling you about Economy 10 which gives 10 hours of cheaper electricity, some of it during the day.

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Sorry Ps, I rushed reading your post, thanks for that information about economy 10 , I shall look into that later on today…when did that come about then?..

They never mentioned anything about economy 10, when they checked my meter last year…I wonder why that was.

I do bake a lot during the day…I’m definitely not baking at night,:joy:…even when the economy 7 goes on at eight pm, far to late for me…

Doesn’t sound like you’re saving a fortune tno .

No I can’t, I’m not baking at 8 pm at night, when the economy 7 goes on, I manage my money well, and cook from scratch, which saves me an absolute fortune…

I have been on Economy 10 for quite a few years. Not all providers offer it, I don’t think. I am with Eon ( or Eon Next as it’s now called).

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del teed

I’m with British Gas, I’m sure they would have mentioned it, when they came out, I will still enquire though, just in case.

You’ve mentioned putting £90 on a key? What is that?

I mentioned putting £90 on my electric key, …I don’t know the ins and outs of how it all works, I give the key to the post office assistant, she asks me how much I would like on it…£90 please, I get a receipt, then I put it in my key meter, which then shows up the £90, which is then added to the balance, I’ve had gas and electric meters for years.

I see you edited your post as you first said,£99.

OMG! That’s why you’re using so much imo . People on meters are being charged the most ! Here are suppliers of Economy 10

Yes, I already know that, it’s my choice, plusI don’t have the worry of not knowing how much electric I’m using,…there is no smart meter here and there won’t ever be one…unless it becomes mandatory.

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