Eight cars torched in 45-minute crime spree in Glasgow, Scotland

The vehicles were burnt out in neighbouring Penilee and Hillington between 04:22 and 05:05 on Thursday.

Nicola Elliott, 37, told the BBC her own car and one she had recently sold to a friend were among those destroyed. She said that on seeing the flames, she ran to get her 10-year-old daughter, two dogs and two guinea pigs out the back of the house. She said her legs had been “like jelly” as she ran to the upstairs window and saw “the two cars were engulfed in flames and making big booming noises.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said the first call they received was about a car on fire on Penneld Road at 04:22 with the last report being about a vehicle on fire in Tweedsmuir Road at about 05:05. There were no reported casualties.

A police spokeswoman said: “Around 4.30am on Thursday, 26 January, officers were called to a report of eight vehicles set on fire at separate addresses in the Penilee area.” She confirmed that the incidents were being linked and urged anyone with information to contact police.

The senseless actions of a moron … I hope that he was caught on CCTV … :angry:

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That is assuming the vehicles were not ‘torched’ by a wiring fault in one of the vehicles. I can remember some years back and one car parked in Windsor suddenly started to smoke and then burst into flames without any person being with 50 or so yds from it. That car took out a row of others before the fire service arrived.

The “torchings” were, apparently deliberate and took place in different roads:

A teenager has been charged after eight cars were allegedly torched in Glasgow in the early hours of the morning. Emergency services raced to the Penilee area of the city at around 4.30am on Thursday, January 26.

Cops received reports of vehicles on fire in Clavens Road, Tweedsmuir Road, Penneld Road and Craigmuir Road. Officers charged with investigating the blazes confirmed from an early stage that the fires were being treated as suspicious.

On Friday, a Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed that a 19-year-old had been charged in connection with the alleged incidents. He is expected to appear in court at the start of next week.

Well, the insurance premiums for the unfortunate owners will now go through the roof, when my van was stolen, one of the questions was “Who was at fault”, my response was societies for breeding such toerags, the reply was, it is always assumed that the policy holder is at fault and my renewal quote was 300% more so, god help these poor folks.

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If the culprit { s…thead} is found guilty,then He/She should pay the full true cost of the cars.