Edit or not a photo

There are I think two points worth discussing.

1= First there are those who believe that editing is wrong, the photo should represent what they actually see at the time. I do wonder though if this is not knowing how to or just content with what they have photographed. Yet they spend time gardening or whatever to make a garden look better. Is this not another form of editing? or clearing away leaves, why not let a garden go wild ?

2= edit? yes in moderation. I personally like to show what I have photographed

partial wire removal

This originally had wire mesh right across the photo which ruined the shot. By carefully editing the mesh out the subject can be seen better.
It is so easy to over edit many do just this and actually ruin a photo.

One can argue for or against in either camp,so which is better?

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Depends, surely on what one is trying to portray? Looking at that wonderful picture of that beautiful beast, by leaving the mesh in the you could argue a that a statement of captivity is being made. By removing it, you are potentially saying something else which one could argue is a falsehood.

Good point , if 10 people saw the photo you would get 10 different opinions.

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Now that you’ve added the one with the mesh still in (for the benefit of other readers it wasn’t there when I posted originally), the two pictures scream out completely different things to me, and the cat’s eyes portray different meaning entirely. Fascinating how a bit of editing can completely reverse an effect on audience.

If I were one of the ten, you would probably get eleven.

I agree with Mel about what the image is trying to portray. However, minimal editing is my preference - more about enhancing whats there, rather than changing the entire picture. Because then it becomes more “arty”…more representational according to the photographers point of view.

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I wish I knew how to edit out electric wires that spoil my scenic photos.

When I am looking at a beautiful scenic view, I think my brain focuses on the scene and automatically filters out the bits that shouldn’t be there, like ugly electric wires scoring the skyline or spoiling the view of the countryside I’m looking down on from the top of a hill.
When I look at my photos, especially pics from my travels abroad, I am often dismayed to find that the perfect view I had in my mind’s eye has been spoiled by poles and ugly black wires.

I don’t think it would be cheating to edit those wires out, if I could - it would make the scene look like I remember seeing it - my camera lens may have picked the wires up but my brain had filtered them out when I first saw the scene through my human lenses.

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I do edit some of mine. Usually just for cropping but sometimes aperture or brightness.

editing out is one of the easiest things to do if you have Adobe Photoshop Elements does not even have to be the latest version. Here is a quick demo I did on removing unwanted object. you could do the same with power cable lines.
adobe offer a 30 day free trial of the latest version but you don’t need to get that an earlier version off the internet will do the same thing
here is how easy it is

if you put up the photo you want the lines removed I will have a go at it for you this time

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That’s not the same photo. The first photo, the ears of cat are turned back. The ears of the cat in the second photo aren’t so these are two different photos.


now same photo to please you. I have even left some of the fence in as well. the point is editing out unwanted objects to show the subject better

At least you did look and spotted the difference so well done, my point about looking has caught your attention

Still different ears…and some other details…

the first was showing what can be done with a little editing no matter what the subject is. So best not to get hung up on same or different photo

That’s what I thought Besoeker, the ears in the second picture are too round and not the same shape.

did you look at that short video I put up just now??? shows hows easy it is to remove unwanted objects. The heading is “Edit or not a photo” not does this look like another photo. I think you are all missing the point

I agree. Ethics maybe?

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Oh well at least you can’t say I havn’t tried to show and explain. Besoeker and Mags. seems to me your not really interested in the thread heading

Your thread title is deceiving. You make it ‘seem’ like you’ve done some technical photo editing to create a better photo only you used TWO different photos. The only point you’ve proven is deception, in my opinion and I don’t like being taken for a fool

your welcome to have your own opinion and no deception was ment. Like I keep on and on repeating until I am blue in the face the subject is editing. I don’t know how often I have to say this until you all actually understand. Even one of my grandaughters who is 11 years old knows what I am on about.

Just looking at the two photos as random photos - I prefer the first one - not sure why, as both are lovely. Cheetahs are beautiful creatures.

Editing - this is something I am - thanks to your advice, realspeed, - beginning to come to grips with. I agree that some photos can be enhanced by removing wires, lampposts etc., - a lot depends on what the photographer wants to show. Your second photo is a good example. If the subject is ‘cheetah’ it is better without the wires, if the subject is ‘cheetah in captivity’ leave them in. Bottom line is - the photo should be what the photographer wants it to be and if that means a little editing - so be it. Calling it deception is wrong.

How many times have we looked a someone’s wedding/birthday photos and thought ‘why could that lamppost not be removed’ or ’ could that nosy stranger not be air brushed out’?

Thank you, realspeed, for your help and for the video linky.

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