Ed Sheeran docuseries on Disney+ is centered on mental health

Ed Sheeran took a year off social media as he struggled with his mental health. 2 of his good friends died unexpectedly and fairly young. His wife had a tumor while she was pregnant.

Sheeran struggled with suicidal thoughts. He was able to get some help in the form of therapy.

Ed Sheeran’s and Lewis Capaldi’s documentaries show how even the rich and famous can struggle with mental health problems. Some have said in interviews that it’s because of the fame.

Trailer for Ed Sheeran’s documentary

ET discusses Ed Sheeran’s bulimia.

Ed Sheeran’s docuseries is in four 30 minute parts on the Disney+ channel.

I watched the first part. It was titled “Love” and was mainly about how Ed met and married his wife Cherry, their love story and how devoted Ed is to her. They touch on Jamal’s death and her cancer diagnosis at the end.

About his career, he talks about how he just played every gig he could, sometimes 3 a night, and wrote songs, sometimes 7 a day. Then the ‘A Team’ song hit that changed the trajectory of his career.