Eau de parfam

Recently my grand daughter left her favourite perfume at my home.
Before I read the label I tried a spray or two and family and friends commented how lovely the perfume was.

Looking at the label I was surprise to see it was named ‘Alien’ by Thierry Mugler, made from White Amber & Indian Jasmine Sambac & Cashmeran Wood. " Oh’ I thought a very modern Perfume"

When I tell friends it is ‘Alien’ the look at me in surprise expecting me at my advance age to say ‘Attar of Roses’, or ‘Norfolk English Lavender’,especially as I look nothing like an Alien
However, it smells completely different on me and even my Grand daughter did not realize it was her perfume.

I am now going to buy some for myself.


Isn’t it funny how perfumes can smell different on different people. All to do with their skin chemistry, I suppose. My mother liked L’aiment (by Coty) and indeed it smelled lovely on her - smelled like cats round a dustbin on me!

I love the bottle, looks just like something from Doctor Who! Their sister perfume is Angel which is very sweet and looks like a star. Clever packaging, both of them.

My favorite at the moment is

Jungle elephant by Kenzo

I’ve worn Chanel No5 for years I keep thinking I should
change it…it seems so old fashioned now…the kids say whenever they smell it they think of me…

Angel (also by Thierry Mugler) is lovely too.

Should have called him ‘Thierry Mugger’ judging by the price…:shock:


That’s one of my favourites too. I’ve had it for ages, and I love the elephant lid too!

Eccles , yes its lovely isn’t it . Daughter gets it for me off the Dover ferry each year .

You can by samples from £15.00.
it is imported from Spain and Spanish perfume does not have many chemicals in the product.


Do you think it’s something that Mrs Fox might like Azure?..
I usually buy her Chanel no5…

I’m sure she would O G F.

You can try it in the Department Stores,

Samples are on Ebay

Chanel No 5 is also expensive now.


Yes, I’ve noticed that , this woman who used to work with me always smelled gorgeous and I asked her what perfume it was, it was called Cabertine, I bought some and it smelled nothing like it did on her, I was so disappointed.

I had a woman follow me around Iceland the other week, eventually she said she was sorry but she loved my perfume and needed to know what it was, it was White Diamonds, it’s only fairly cheap but it does smell nice on me, I wonder if it smells as nice on her?

Azure, here I was thinking you were teary, one eyed alien too, now you’ve ruined my vision of you…you aren’t alien? What a let down LOL

Never buy owt’ off the internet Azure, but I might wander into Debenhams and have a sniff…:wink:

I knew she wasn’t an alien Lion Queen, she sounds very well educated and sincere…:cool:

Azure, here I was thinking you were teary, one eyed alien too, now you’ve ruined my vision of you…you aren’t alien? What a let down LOL

Ha! Ha! Lion Queen.

I am the opposite to an Alien and quite surprised that the perfume suits me.
I usually wear ‘Miller Harris Fleur Oriental’. made with essence of Carnation.Musk,Jasmine, Vanilla, Turkish Rose Amber & Heliotrope
A little goes a long way.

Thank you Sir,

You are a Gentleman.