Easy Chocolate Sauce

I remember one time I bought a 200 gram Snack Chocolate, broke it into separate cubes, put all cubes into plastic cup. Ate a couple squares, then forgot about it. Temperature was 95C.
The Chocolate had all melted with 1/2 a dozen Flavours all mingled together.
Went really well poured over Vanilla ice Cream.

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What’s Snack Chocolate?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Snack contains Dairy Milk milk chocolate with six delicious flavoured centres: Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry, Turkish Delight, Caramel & Orange.

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Yum! :yum: That looks like it could be good in lots of desserts.

So delicious. I buy a block periodically. Sweet, liquid centres.

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I don’t think we have that in the UK

I had a look, sanza.co.uk has them on line?
4 lb, 75p which is about 30% dearer than our cost.
I looked elsewhere, malvernsweets.co.uk have a variety of Cadbury chocolates but not the Snack Blocks. According to their site, all Cadbury Chocolates are “out of stock”