Earth without the Moon

Can you imagine that - would be awful wouldn’t it - we’re so lucky you know - otherwise no moon in June songs, no light to light me way, no howling at the fullness of it - oh - its too much to comprehend … :frowning:

It may be just a big ball of useless matter to some but to me the Moon is awe-inspiring, so gimme the Moonlight, gimme the girl, and leave the rest to me.:lol:

Ooo yes - loved walking in the moonlight - I guess Buzz did too :-p

Without the moon and its gravitational effects, the Earth would be a very unpleasant place to live

no moon= no tides =beaches not kept clean and what else???

Yes - there is that …

No Moon, no conspiracy theory.:lol:

Ooo never thought of that - :-p

No Santana track.

Oh yes - so many good songs unwritten ‘Moon River’ - I mean Uranus River, don’t sound as good does it …:-p

You’d have to get your Ecards from

:lol: Mind you - Moonpig - strange name too :-p

No Seasons, the earth may not be tilted .

No ‘Moonin’ either. :lol:

Without the Moon in the way, Uranus might be more visible.:lol:

:lol: You are a bugger Spittie.

I have read suggestions that without the Moon there might not have been life on earth. when life first emerged 4 billion years ago the Moon was half the distance from Earth that it is now.

The tidal effect was far greater than now (inverse Square law) also the energy imparted to the earth was far greater too, for reasons I can’t remember these effects might have had a decisive effect on the creation of life.

Oh us non believers are still around Spitty and the longer they delay going there again the bigger we grow.:wink:
Nearly 50 years on and they haven’t gone back, bit strange that don’t you think, what happened to all the plans they had to make a base there for future space travel, that old excuse of having no money has hair on it now. It should be a chinch today with all the digital technology they have.

You can’t go to the moon on just “digital technology”. I’m afraid the money argument still stands. It’s hideously expensive to go to the moon and the Apollo mission were cancelled for that very reason and any manned space mission is extremely complex, risky and hardly a chinch.