Drone Attack

Drone deliveries in one Canberra suburb have been suspended due to attacks by crows


I bet they’ve been trained … aren’t birds of prey trained now to bring them down. Didn’t the Dutch police start it.

Dont think you could train crows or ravens though they probably just trying to get the food

It’s the breeding season, they are protecting their territory. See the video on how Magpies attack people in their territory. These crows (I think technically thy are actually ravens) are bigger than magpies.


Crows are very territorial and will attack anything airborne that they deem to be a threat. For the past thee or so years our garden and surrounding area, including The Green to our frontage, has been seen by a pair of ravens (large crows) as their territory and even attack gulls if they are deemed too close.
That’s all those birds in Canberra are doing.


@LongDriver , Yes, that’s true,l have on several occasions seen a pair of
crows fly up to a great height to intercept a fish eagle that was circling over
their patch of forest and actually drive it away !! :no_mouth::no_mouth:
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Actually you often see these crows being harassed by much smaller Willy Wagtails or Pee Wees when they stray into their territory.

It is funny how sometimes big birds are intimidated by much smaller birds. I have a lone Sulphur Crested Cockatoo that comes into my garden who is shooed off by much smaller Rainbow Lorikeets yet a Galah isn’t threatened by them at all.

@Bruce , That’s true, l have even seen crows being moved along by smaller
Fiscal shrikes when the crows were sitting on my paddock poles, when a
Shrike decided he wanted to sit there as well !!
The shrike used to move sideways along the pole a couple of inches at a
time untill the crow moved along the same amount away from the shrike,
and so it went on untill they reached the end of the fence and the crow flew
off !!
I suppose the shrike considered the fence was his hunting perch :grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

Little Cute Crow arrhh bless him :laughing:

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Ravens are highly intelligent & could easily have worked out they may have food on board.


We’ve long known ravens aren’t your typical bird brain: Myths featuring the wily black bird extend from Aesop’s fables to Native American folklore.

In more recent times, experiments testing the problem-solving capabilities of ravens and their corvid kin, the jays and magpies, have shown these birds have cognition on par with people and some other great apes.

Edited to add. What ever the facts behind the behaviour, they are doing us all a favour in taking these drones out of the sky.

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:joy: Go Crows
Go Crows :partying_face:
It is kinda funny. :sweat_smile:

I didn’t think the Crows would have a fan in Canada.

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It’s disappointing that a company would pollute the skies with these menacing contraptions for the sake of delivering a coffee. Of course it will confuse birds. The dog finds them disturbing when we have come across any in the park. I think they should only be used in emergencies and not for commercial frivolity.

Apparently there are 40-60 birds per person on this planet. We are lucky they are not as aggressive as humans.