Driverless Cars

What’s the idea, what are they for exactly?

What is the point?

You’ll still be sitting there anyway, so if you’re not driving what else will you do instead?

Unless I’ve got this all wrong, I really can’t see what the point is. The money could be much better spent elsewhere I’d have thought. :102:

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Who is spending the money?

The mad inventors.

But, ultimately the buyers surely?

That is not my point.

My question was - what is the point of them?

I quite agree with you Mups, I can’t see the point to be honest and I’m sure there will be more accidents to start with when computers go wrong.

No doubt there will, dongle, and that will be a very grey area for claims I would think.

Plus, if they are so good, why do they have a steering wheel?

They wouldn’t develop them unless they thought there there was a market for them and that, ultimately, is the point. That’s what drives almost all new developments.

Hi Mups :slight_smile:
I personally would love to live long enough to be able to make use of driverless cars ,they cant come soon enough for me.
I think theyre going to be very useful in enabling people to get about who wouldnt otherwise be able…not everyone feels able to use public transport so these driverless cars could help them get about.
If theres a market for them they will be made.

You made my point more elegantly than I.

Hi Aysa :-),

When you say “for people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to”, do you mean for people who can’t drive a normal car, like perhaps, disabled drivers, or perhaps people who have never passed their test?

I wonder if they will require a new driving test?

If they are not going to drive why would they need to be tested?

Interesting point though. Who will hold the licence?

So if you were hit by a driverless car by someone who had never passed a test and had no driving licence, what would your insurers say I wonder?

Another interesting point.
Well, you wouldn’t be hit by someone since there is no driver so no driver’s licence to revoke. No doubt the vehicle would have to be insured. That, I think, would be the route the prosecution would have to pursue.

They scare the hell out of me Mups :shock: :lol:
And as for electric cars, three words,
winter power cuts …

Yes and anyone else who cant access cars which they need to actually drive.
I think it could open up a whole world of possibilities for these people.
Also im a driver but I dont like to drive long journeys to places that are strange to me so I cant wait until I can jump into one of these driverless cars and be driven without the hassle and stress of doing the driving.
It would in effect give people who used them no need to obtain a driving licence as they would just be the “users” so to speak. :slight_smile:

Somewhat off topic but…
For EVs to go mainstream would require a radical rethink of our national grid.

Mercedes Benz trialled a semi-autonomous artic in 2015. It needed a driver to be present but 99% of the time it drove itself

Nice find.