Don't go in the Water

Or walk/drive past the beach.
Western Australian Great White Sharks are so determined to eat you that the local council, after a Shark sighting, has closed the beach side paths as well as the road going by the beach lest the Shark comes out of the water for it’s supper.

There was a rescue at Austinmer Beach last night after the lifesavers had gone home. A van load of eight people from the western suburbs of Sydney came from Campbelltown to swim at the beach in the evening. They swam straight into a rip.

As luck would have it Austinmer Surf Club was having its monthly meeting, they heard the screams and rushed out to rescue those people. The only drivers in the group had to be taken to hospital so the teenagers were stuck a long way from home (train?).

The problem is that people who don’t know often go and swim in a rip thinking it is the safest place because of the lack of surf and the first thing they know is being carried out behind the waves.

It was sheer luck there were no deaths

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