Doncaster Craft Fair

Had a fantastic day - came home totally wrecked!

Not as many people there as in previous years, and they had spaced the stalls out - so more room to wander and look at things. Many of my favourite suppliers were there and there were lots of demonstrations to watch - including one of encaustic art - fascinating.

Bought a year’s supply of glues and double sided tape - at bargain prices! For example the tape can be anywhere from £1.99p to £2.50p per roll in places such as Hobbycraft - yesterday it was on sale at 10 rolls - of varying widths - for £4. Definitely not to be missed.

Some beautiful fabrics available for the dress makers, and three stalls selling beads and jewellery findings. The friend I was with bought some really beautiful beads and asked me to make her a necklace - so will be working on some designs today.

Bought lots of basic necessities - but - because prices were so reasonable - I kept well within my budget - and there is still some left in the Craft Account!!

Came home on the 15:11 train - very tired but very happy!

This lovely chap was in the atrium to greet us - made of white silk roses - love the crown!



I can’t believe you’ve been to Doncaster without taking Foxy and me for a cup of coffee, and probably a toasted teacake, in his case. How could you, Tabby? :pensive:

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A woman of refinement to be seen out in public with you two old reprobates ?I don’t think so.


Shut it, buddy. :wink:

We appreciate your enthusiasm, keep it up! That said, for the safety of our community, you’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 1 hour and you’ll be able to create more replies. :slightly_frowning_face:

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When a crafter is on a mission to acquire supplies…being sociable is not on the list. Craft fairs require focus and commitment and a keen eye. Coffee & cake? Not on Crafting Day. :wink:


Sorry - had I known you were interested in Crafty Stuff you could have come and shared our picnic! Missed out on meeting Lion Queen as well - and she was there!

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The horse was really good and glad you noticed it had my crown on, I agreed to lend them it for the day :grin: I can vouch for it being a great day out, I cant believe I’ve missed out on this yearly event in the past, i was in craft Heaven.

I’m sorry about the missed opportunity to meet up Tabby. My golden friends and I were going for a catch up locally for lunch but because it was such a beautiful day we decided to set off for a day out instead.

Two of the Golden Girls aren’t into crafts and weren’t interested. One couldn’t make it so that left me, Tricia, my fellow craft addict and Karen the non crafter and she eventually agreed to go.

Guess what…SHE LOVED IT!

Here is Karen deep in concentration learning Iris quilling!

Meet me in the food hall next year!

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Come on, Queenie, 'fess up - what did you buy?