Domina, A terrible Tragedy

I’ve just finished watching the superb series I Claudius on BBC I Player, for the second time. Watched it when it came out in the 70’s. Then I heard of a programme on Sky Atlantic being trailed as a 2nd series, Domina, more or less covering the same period as I Claudius. So off to take a peek at series one. Oh dear, what a shocker! Where I Claudius was beautifully acted and portrayed, this right old mess was full of effing and blinding, ham acting, just like a Eastenders soap opera. Needless to say, I left this Rome very quickly! How it got a second series, only the Gods know! :frowning: :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: :fearful:

Thanks John.I’ll dig out my I Claudius again.As you say,a superb series.The casting was immaculate.

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