Does anyone know what this is for?

I have two sofas and each one has this black loop attached under the seat cushions, It’s not elasticated, if you pull it, nothing happens and it’s not a sofa bed. It is positioned in the middle of the sofa.

I have tried Googling it but couldn’t find any answers.

Any ideas?? And no, it’s not one of my old thongs. :lol:

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I suppose if you pulled it upwards it would lift the front of the sofa if you want to get under it for some reason?


That was my first thought Carol, a way of getting to all the old one pound coins dropped down the back :lol: but nothing happens. I think if I pulled it hard it would just break.

Nope! Tried that. :wink:

Could it be to stop the cushions from slipping? :slight_smile:

Another thing I thought of Mags but I can’t see how. There are two cushions and nowhere to attach it anyway. It wouldn’t be long enough to go around a seat cushion.


Did you mean a cushion cushion Mags (as opposed to a seat cushion)? I suppose that could work if there was a cushion in the centre which appears to be trendy at the moment.

You might have solved the mystery. :-p


I think I’d drop an email to the manufacturers …

Was it where the labels were attached when new and you pulled them off?

I think I might do that. I know it’s not important but it is bugging me. :slight_smile:

No, the labels were attached to the back upright - still there in fact.

I visited Camp Hopson today,they also have a furniture department,which I looked in,they had a large selection of Parker knoll,would you like me to pop in there tomorrow and ask the shop assistant?

T’is a mystery! I must get up and look under my cushions…

No LD, I was thinking of the seat cushion, I wouldn’t have thought it would be for a loose cushion … but you never know :slight_smile:

If you are passing that would be great Pauline. Thanks.

Don’t disturb yourself Tess. :-p

I reckon Mrs. LD sowed it there.
She intended looping it round him so she knew where he was. :wink:

Ha ha, yes she ties it to my belt and forces me to watch A place in the country sun location abroad down-under. :lol::lol:

You poor soul! :cry: