Does anyone else use the speak to type function on their computer?

Does anyone else use the speak to type function on their computer? I use it all the time when googling something. I have become convinced that my computer doesn’t understand English. I pronounce slowly, enunciating carefully. Then I look at the screen and tell the computer “That’s not what I said at all, in fact where and how did you get that rubbish from what I said.” I quit using it because I tend to start yelling at the mic on 3rd or 4th try. as if that would actually help. Just wondering if other people have idiot computers when it comes to voice typing.:-D:-D

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I’m not sure a witness to the scenario you have just described would be left with the impression that the computer is an idiot. :102:

Very true, but I have a bad habit of expecting things to operate the way they should. Silly expectation I know. At least my phone understands me.

Do you have arthritis or something Danny ??


I don’t use it on my laptop but I have recently started using it on my phone. It has taken over a year for me to notice the function was there. On my phone, it works perfectly and understands what I ask it.

I tried to use that system on my old laptop but I couldn’t get it to work correctly so, I gave up. I thought it might have been something to do with my Black Country/West Midlands accent.

Yet your hands seem to be exempt from that expectation.

Have you tried speaking to google.

She’s as mad as a hatter, plus she told me she listens in to people’s conversations …

She’s never rude,

Obviously…its been listening to you chatting for a year. :shock:

I’ll bet it types that bit perfectly.

It would be a different story though if you stuttered or suddenly got a bout of hiccups. :wink: :slight_smile: :lol:

Yes but not that bad. I use speak to type when I’m too lazy to reach for my keyboard.:-p

I have had that happen. LMAO every time it does.:-D:-D

I laughed at this post, but can understand why you would yell at the computer. I sometimes yell at my phone when it says it doesn’t understand if I have to say numbers for logging into banking online. Drives me nuts because I speak the numbers clearly and slowly too. Still doesn’t understand me!

My experience too, amazingly accurate

Doesn’t work in Scotland apparently

Hilarious and correct. Voice recognition was invented by a bunch of geeks sitting in a room drinking Mountain Dew and trying to figure how to have a laugh at our expense.:twisted::frowning:
Makes you think twice when you say smart device. I think my computer is a bit autistic or just a smart ass.