Does anyone else find this worrying?

You’ve got a HOUSEKEEPER??? :zipper_mouth_face:

Is it beneath your dignity to ask her to recycle your refuse?

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Do you recycle?
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Silver Foil
  • Soft Plastic
  • Hard Plastic
  • Anything else
  • No, throw it away and get someone else to do it

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I voted for throw it out and get someone else to do it. It sounds weird, but in my city, the city recycles from the trash. They say they go through everyone’s trash to recycle stuff. They don’t have recycle bins here. I always thought it was weird to have people rummage through the trash, but that’s how it’s been since I’ve lived here.

Yes and a Gardner who happens to be the housekeepers husband. I would not dream of telling either what to do other than in general terms. For example the Gardner has an out of sight parts of the garden on which he grows his own bits and pieces and our housekeeper mostly keeps our place clean and tidy. Very seldom do we ask her to do food preparation any more, we either buy it in ready prepared from the local pub or increasingly the Memshab does it herself. We do increasingly buy frozen meals from Oakwood foods who flog rather good “Airline” style nosh. Not cheap, but very very good and delivered to the door.

I recycle everything that I possibly can, either by composting or putting in the appropriate recycling bins.

Anything recyclable that the kerbside collection doesn’t accept sits in a corner of my garage to take to the local tip when I’m passing - anything I want rid of that is worn out and isn’t suitable to upcycle or give away goes there - such as anything metal, wood, small electrical items that can’t be mended, fabrics.
I used to take my shredded paper and cardboard there too but they now accept all paper and card in our kerbside collection bin.

There is very little that goes in my general rubbish bin.

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I dont recycle plastic I know I should , just never sure which plastic can be recycled.
I Know it carries a logo but where …guess I’m to lazy to look.

The “Anything Else” I ticked for garden compost, all fruit and veg waste.
Makes for great potting compost.


That’s our recycling list up there.

Food container film comes under the heading “squashable plastic” here at ruthio towers, my daughter says if it squashes in your hands e.g. bread bags, collect a bagful and next time you’re in Sainsbury’s (other sm too?) you post it into the special box for recycled soft plastic. Job done :heavy_check_mark:

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Our bread bags are used for collecting up film, used teabags, apple cores, banana skins, etc then put in the brown waste bin for someone else to sort.

The council have very recently provided a small bin specifically for batteries, that’s why I ticked the anything else box.

Our local supermarkets have boxes especially for recycling spent batteries. That’s where all of ours go.

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Do you mean they have provided a centrally located bin for people to put their old batteries in?

Around here, I find battery recycling bins most shops that sell batteries - supermarkets and DIY / hardware / homeward shops.

We live in a block of six flats, we have a communal area to hang up washing, it’s also where the rubbish and recycling bins are kept. A couple of weeks ago I spotted a small green lidded bin specifically for batteries.

I was pleasantly surprised, usually councils seem to be cutting back, not in this case.

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That’s where we used to take ours .

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Ours do that too - and they have one for used printer ink cartridges as well.

I wish ours had one for cartridges. I’ve a box of about 20 empty ones sitting in the corner of my office waiting until I can find a suitable recycling point.

Ironic that we recycle things by putting them inside plastic boxes isn’t it?! :joy:

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It is indeed but I suppose that we have to start somewhere, plastic certainly isn’t going to be phased out entirely, not in my life time anyway.

Here’s another angle, if we can recycle the small offending plastic items and keep them away from wildlife, woodland, beaches etc then perhaps we can be a tad forgiving when it comes to using plastic recycling bins?

Flog 'em on eBay. There is a market.