Does anyone else find this worrying?

Cooked meat, for example, how is the customer to know which pack is the freshest oe which has the longest shelf life??

We don’t eat a lot of ready cooked meat but veg you can tell by your eyes and nose .

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Isn’t it to do with food standards? I am sure the code requires that all packaged foods with a shelf life of less than two years must have a date mark. (I read it somewhere)

Fresh fruit and veg doesn’t have this requirement but things like milk do.

I am surprised it is allowed

Are they scrapping dates on meat products? Or do they just mean fruit and veg?

I’m not happy about it at all. Yes we can all use the sniff test etc., but people these days only do a weekly shop, so something that looks ok on a Friday might not be ok for the full week or even a few days, so I think there will be even more food going in the bin or people with food poisoning etc.

As far as I know, fruits and vegetables don’t have use by dates here. I don’t eat meat, but it would bother me if meat didn’t have use by dates, for the people who do eat meat. For packaged goods, the use by dates are pretty long. I like seeing them.

I tried to read the article but it requires me to ‘sign in’?

Does the article state it will apply to cooked meats? I can’t see that happening as wouldn’t the supermarket be held responsible, if someone became ill, or died due to food poisoning?

I have noticed that some of the supermarkets have stopped putting ‘sell by’ dates on fruit and vegetables for a while now. I think they are following Aldi and Lidl.

Well it`s back to the good old days when there were no best before/eat before days then.
If it looks good,buy it ,if it smells good,buy it,if it looks like it still has a pu;se,give it to customer services.
Anything totaake our minds of covid and politics is fine by me.


Pretty sure it’s just fruit and veg that M&S are talking about. Also it’s the ‘best before’ dates they’re scrapping, not ‘use by’. Actually, not sure if fruit and veg have traditionally had ‘use by’ dates anyway - anyone know?

I can’t imagine any retailers would scrap the ‘use by’ dates on meat products - would this even be allowed?


Reminder to oneself,do not type in the dark.enough said.

I read it and hadn’t noticed, until you said!

Can’t you edit it?

Sorry Atrangel,but have i missed something ?.

Ah that’s OK, I have never seen use by dates on fruit and veg, they are only for processed and packaged food.

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Butchers don’t have use by dates on their meat. I don’t buy meat from a butcher unless I’m using it for that exact day, just for that reason.

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I saw this in the news too, and wondered how many people are going to be touching fruit & veg to check its quality before they buy it…surely the handling will affect it?! Also, with the dairy…unless you open it, how can you do the “sniff” test? I don’t have the money to try and play these guessing games…I want to know if my food is safe to eat, end of story. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I am appalled by this “development”.

I believe it’s the best before date on M&S fruit and veg that’s going .
I mostly buy unpackaged fruit & veg so this doesn’t affect me.

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What a club of wimps and worriers!!

It states quite clearly that it’s only FRUIT AND VEGETABLES and it’s Best Before NOT Sell By Date which is purely advisory anyway!! :rofl::rofl:

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brokenvows, l thought you were referring to the above.

Mind boggling. They don’t do that now? Amazing how different places do things differently.