Does Anyone Else Ever Wear False Eyelashes?

I wear false eyelashes when l am going out somewhere special. They are Eyelure Accents No. 003 and are very natural and subtle! Not like Barbara Cartland’s awful ones!

Do you, or have you ever worn false eyelashes, or even had the single lashes added to your own?

No never have Art but I do think they look pretty when they’re done properly.
Have you got photos of your eyes with them on?

Do you glue them on?

Rhian, I have them on in my current profile page pic but you can’t see them! :slight_smile:
Yes, l do glue them on but these are curved and easy to apply.

I would imagine you wouldn’t need them as you have dark hair.

No, never tried them, I can’t even wear eye make up without ending up looking like a panda :o

I think they look nice as long as they’re not overly obvious like 2 caterpillars stuck on your eyes.

My sister used to wear them when she was a youngster, horrible plasticky things with super glue type adhesive that used to rip her own eyelashes out when she removed them :smiley:

Not as yet but who knows? :wink:

Are they the fashion again?
I suppose they never go out of fashion … but I’ve always thought them to be dated like beauty spots and pointy bras.

Nicol, Do you use black eyeliner on your eyes that make you look like a panda? I will only use brown eyeliner, as black liner is too harsh for me.
I have used false eyelashes since the 1960’s but l always bought real hair ones.

I even had my false eyelashes on whilst l was in labour with my first baby. I got upset and started to cry when the midwife said they would have to break my waters.
I said, ‘Wait, can you look after these as l took my false eyelashes off and handed them to the nurse.
She said, they were like spiders!! never worn them and probably would look ridiculous as I’d put them on wrong. I m still chuckling at our own Lingy wearing them hehe

No never, I would most likely end up with them in my dinner.

the chinese do nice eyelashes made from crickets [dead of course] they are first cooked and then coated with malt - taste quite nice in squid soup?

Nope never worn them as My lashes were long and dark when I was younger…I thought they went out with padded shoulders years ago :-p

Oh no they’re one of those current beauty “must haves” May
Along white teeth and a perma-tan.
A lot of the female pupils at our school even wear them at school!
They must get up at 5am some of them :smiley:

I’ve never worn them but they do look good. Do you get used to the feeling of them being on though?

Ah,it must be hard work being a ‘trendy’ teenager these days :-p

Nope, I am another one never worn them.

I used to be brunette, but not so nowadays, but still don’t think I’d wear them, it’s not really me.

Nope! Never tried them. The thought of glue near my eyeballs has always concerned me but I do think they look nice

Noooo, it’s because I always forget I’ve got make up on and rub me eyes :smiley:

I don’t wear any make up these days, I can’t be bothered with the faff plus it’s a bit pointless when the only audience is me dawg :smiley:

But seriously, eye make up irritates me and I never feel comfortable when I wear it. The only time I ever look in a mirror is when I’m cleaning them :shock: Cleaning the mirrors that is, not my eyes!

While I was on my hols last week I observed a girl in a cake shop who was wearing false eyelashes. They just didn’t look right. I suppose because her top lid was heavy with eyelashes but no lashes on the bottom lid!

I’ve never tried them but I do like the mascara with fibres - it helps the eyelashes to look thicker & longer.

Ooh yes Carol I love those too!

Good grief - Sister Thomas would have had apoplexy if any of us had turned up wearing them!! Definitely not allowed.

I do wear them now though - if I am going out somewhere special.