Doctor Closed for a Week

I was just setting out for my appointment with my doctor (about 400 metres away) when my phone rang and it was my doctor.

He told me that he could not see me today and that his surgery was closed for a week until next Monday because a Covid case had visited and it had to be deep cleaned.

He asked me what my visit was about and I explained that basically I needed prescriptions - easy enough to do, now I have to wait half an hour before going to my chemist (350 metres away):-). He said ring to make an appointment in August!

Very pleased that I have had all my vaccine shots. This Delta outbreak is insidious. I am so glad I was never one of those seniors who were holding out for the Pfizer, I suspect they will be scrambling for appointments now.

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Numbers are rising again here too, Bruce. I can feel another lockdown coming on!

News reckons infection rates have halfed, who knows?

Ack I don’t listen to the news any more - however I would worry if our doctors closed :shock: