Do your words sometimes disappear when typing?

I was so pleased when I finally ditched my old laptop because its keyboard was haunted. Sadly I think my new one is also haunted, perhaps even more so. :-p

I am not one that can type without looking at the keys, so I know I am pressing the correct ones but sometimes, when I look up at what I have typed, I find that there are bits of words missing or in the wrong place. I might have typed a whole sentence but end up just seeing the last letter or the sentence halved or swapped around. :shock:

I know I must be touching certain keys by mistake but because I can’t see the point where it all goes wrong, I don’t know which keys they are.

Does anyone else suffer from this?

No idea of what computer you are on but I wonder if you are highlighting text then clicking on it in some way that deletes what is highlighted. Also if you highlight, accidentally, some words and then ‘drag’ that highlighted text that would place it out of order. Difficult to explain but that’s all I can think of. Are you on a laptop with a touch pad by any chance? It’s easier to do what I have described on one of those.

Perhaps it might help if you were to just ‘play around’ with any text you have created and just see what happens. It matters not what those words are so you could even highlight, copy and paste the text from somewhere else, it doesn’t matter if you don’t create it as you just want to see what is happening. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hi Baz

I think possibly the touch pad is the main suspect. I try to keep my hands off but I guess sometimes they brush on it. Then there’s the arrow keys but I think I keep away from them. I haven’t noticed any highlighting tbh???

What’s odd is that when I purposely try to recreate the problem, I can’t. ??

Get yourself a wee mouse and all your woes will be gone :slight_smile:

I had been using a MacBook Pro but then bought a new one, both had touch pads and I was well used to the old one but the new one had a different ‘feel’ to it and at first I was highlighting the odd word or sentence by clicking or double clicking without realising it, the touch pad was that sensitive. Having got used to it now it’s easy to use but it did take some time. Have you tried what I suggested previously as that may show you what you are doing even if that’s accidentally?

Just highlight a sentence and then clicking and holding that down it’s possible just to drag it somewhere else by then releasing it. On a Mac two clicks highlights a word and three will highlight a whole paragraph.

When I first used the touch pad it really did put me off, I almost used a mouse but persevering did the trick and now I prefer a touch pad to the mouse. Both on Macs though, I don’t know Windows or Microsoft at all.

I guess if LD tried the mouse it might help. Touch pads can be set up to suit the user, they are very adaptable once they are understood. :wink: :slight_smile:

Oh yes. I get the normal typos where it turns out I hit the key next to the intended one, but sometimes when I look at what I’ve written there are letters in words that there is absolutely no rational explanation for. I’ve just come to accept it.

Yes. Aphasia. And it is frustrating.

Yes me. In my case it’s because I can’t type for toffee. I mostly have to check before I post. My keyboard hates it when I tap a key lightly & refuses to use it.

I did once have a key board that had a mind of it’s own & when I typed a word it would add one on it’s own, it was very weird & I freaked out thinking the ruddy thing was possessed & bought a new keyboard, I’ve not had that problem since though.

Just an afterthought LD, isn’t the new computer under guarantee? If so couldn’t you return it or at least ask the seller for some help in view of the problem? :wink: :slight_smile:

Only if the cats have fed the PC on invisible ink again!

I see what you mean Baz, I didn’t realise that could happen. It’s a definite possibility as my hand brushes over the pad.

I am glad to hear is isn’t just me

It is under guarantee Baz but I know deep down that it is something I am doing wrong. I have just increased the sensibility of the pad due to my ‘middle finger’ problem ;-), so I might put it back to how it was.

That wouldn’t surprise me. Tirzah looks so innocent. :wink:

…only when I fall asleep at the computer and think I have posted something when I haven’t :confused:

Check you haven’t got a computer virus. I’m using Eset these days, as it seems very effective when trying to watch movies for nowt. I subscribe to Sky, prime, Netflix, etc, but occasionally there are things not available on each. So my antivirus has been indispensable.

Predictive Text?

It does take a while to get used to a touchpad, even though I had been using one before it took some time. Also there are different parts of the touchpad that perform different tasks as does the use of one or two digits. I also have a 27" iMac with a ‘Magic Mouse’, that by comparison is a real pain to use, possibly as I don’t use it much since retiring anyway. The laptop is in daily use, the touchpad is the best of the two. By the way is it a Windows machine or a Mac you have? If it’s a Mac then it might be worth posting on the Apple forums website or even calling the Apple support helpline, they are very good if help is needed. :wink: :slight_smile: