Do You want Gorgeous Shiny Hair?

Will you buy State of the Art Dyson Air dryer
Price £449.99 - £399.99
Invented by the brilliant and very successful Sir James Dyson?
This self-regulating Hair Dryer is guaranteed to make your hair beautiful and shiny in 15 minutes.
You can, of course, purchase it on credit

Sir James has invented or improved many pieces of equipment, Including, Carpet Cleaners, Hand Dryers, Business Lighting, Air Purifiers etc.
He is worth £5.8 Billion and owns more land in Uk than the Queen.
He has also set up The James Dyson Foundation to train and encourage young engineers.

However, I wonder if he would consider reducing the price of this singing, dancing Hair Dryer.
Surely he would want all us ladies to have gorgeous shiny hair.

Then we would not have to pay a fortune to the Hairdressers and come out looking Hot Frizzled and Frazzled.

After brexit and Dyson I wouldn’t buy anything from that company again

No, not buying it. My hair hates hairdryers, goes all static and flyaway if I try to use one. It’s natural drying for me.

It weighs a tonne compared to my hairdryer so not a mission

Hairdryers and nice shiny hair don’t go hand in hand.

My daughter’s boyfriend bought her a Dyson hair dryer the Christmas, before last.
She didn’t use it and asked if he would mind, if she swapped it for a television.
They took it back and she got a big Smart television instead!