Do you think SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19) leaked from a laboratory?

Curious what people think - do you feel it may have leaked from a lab? Or not? :microbe:

How likely do do you think Covid 19 leaked from a lab?
  • I think it is very likely to have leaked from a lab
  • I think it is fairly likely to have leaked from a lab
  • I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other
  • I think the chances of it leaking from a lab are fairly slim
  • I think the chances of it leaking from a lab are very unlikely

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A personal view.

I do not believe that it escaped from the Wuhan Lab.

Wuhan is a Category 4 Lab, watched like a hawk and by watched I mean spied upon, that is how the system works.

It is the same category as our Porton Down.

It could have escaped from an undeclared Lab, but even that is very unlikely, it is a remarkably ineffective biological warfare weapon.

There is a huge amount of disinformation out there.

Not just conspiracy nutters, but Governments as well.

The Russians and Novichok used in the UK at Salisbury.

It is not shock horror, there are over 3000 different varieties of it.

We develop antidotes to it.

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I may be repeating myself here if so forgive me . Do you recall the young scientist from China who kept telling us that a virus was out there and highly contagious and dangerous his warning was ignored then he disappeared , he was working in the Wuhan lab I believe , we were told he died of the virus 2 months later…very strange


Was he the doctor Susan? I recall there being a doctor who was trying to warn the authorities but they ignored him and he ended up in hospital himself. This one:

But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was someone else - lots of nations are experimenting in ‘gain of function’ of microbes. It’s the ultimate weapon…

I believe the young man worked at the lab but my memory is not the best . It could be him . He was ignored and shut up yes . Sorry I dont know more

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yes Susan I do remember that…he spoke out

I do believe this was / is germ warefare . Some out there also know the truth but i doubt we will ever really know . There have been people who say they had covid in the December 2019 before it came out . The young doctor / scientist tried warning the world , it was out there then . I felt from the start this was not an evolved virus . I see the poll sayd 47% of us believe it leaked from the Lab

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I also believe the virus was developed in a laboratory and the young scientist who tried to warn the world - was he exposed to the virus perhaps?
Scarily I was on a tour of China in November 2019 and took a distinct dislike to many Chinese and their way of life.

Yes, I strongly believe it was leaked from a laboratory…

Yes I do believe it leaked from a lab in China.
Germ warfare.

I’ve thought a lot about this as I did wonder whether he died from the virus or just disappeared, yet Azz showed us a picture of the poor man with an oxygen mask . Yet he was young and at the beginning we were told it was killing the old and the vulnerable not the young people

Maybe I’m just overthinking