Do you sleep, hibernate, shut down or restart?

it must be easy being programmed like a computer.

I wonder if they have not so good dreams. You know, like windows 11 taking over :astonished:

And you? Are you at peace? That’s an unfair question, I know?

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I am at complete peace with myself within myself and I will remain so for as long as my darling is by my side. . . aint love grand! :hugs::kiss::sparkling_heart:


Aint that grand!


Oh my word, isn’t that so beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Yes to the title. I sleep, hibernate, shut down and restart. Sometimes I feel at peace. I wish it were more often. Also yes, I have not good visions about windows 11.

Sometimes I feel like a computer, but more often, I feel all too human.

Head hits pillow - I am gone for 5 hours - you could march a brass band through the bedroom and I wouldn’t notice.

My Laptop just sleeps but my desktops are shut down.

I read somewhere that you should restart computers about once a week, because of the way Windows shuts down it doesn’t clear memory etc properly when you just shut it down (it’s to do with the quick start up) only restarting the computer does that.

Anyway because of that I do restart all my computerish electronic devices periodically including my phones and tablets.

I never ever switch my computer off … because I rarely switch off or go into sleep mode myself.
@Bruce … I’ve noticed a clunkiness too if I don’t restart. Perhaps some updates only synch in by doing that.

My desktop goes to sleep if I’m away from it for a while but, when I know I’ve finished on it, I always shut down - basically to save electricity.

Unless I’m downloading Audiobooks I switch off, when I’m done.

I switch off when I’m done. I couldn’t entertain leaving my laptop plugged. I’d be worried of fire or something.
I even switch the appliances off in the kitchen every night and the TV and freesat box.

Hmm honestly, I do not shut anything off. It goes to sleep or hibernation. I have surge protectors on everything. Mind you here in Canada we use 110 Volts and in Europe 240 volts. The only things that are 240 Volt are our ovens, dryers and electric baseboard.

I close my eyes and count to ten
scratch the itch
and think of miss
golden slumbers elbow
and the state we’re in
reawaken the machine
strain the repetitive strain
remembering forgotten passwords
forgetting the importance of it all