Do you save yourself money by cooking from scratch?

So, how do you save yourself money, by cooking from scratch?

Post pics of your cooking if you like…I made this pizza last night, my son is staying with me, so this is what was left over, I’ve just taken it out of the fridge,…

I am going to save myself money, by slicing it up, then freezing it, I reckon I will get four meals out of that, accompanied by a lot of salad with each slice…

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Hi Pauline :slight_smile: I make Pizza but I don’t freeze them I make a batch of dough/portion it/freeze it.

I make small Pizza’s the about 6inch in diameter just enough for one person from the thawed dough.

Meg, that is far better, because when you come to defrost the dough, your topping will be fresh, I will be doing that as well,…this type of pizza ,that I have just cut up,is great to just chuck in the oven, when time is limited.

Thanks for that tip.:smiley:

We never have any left over pizza we eat it all.

I am so thankful that I can cook!!..

Do you make your own,Muddy?:smiley:

If my son had eaten all of that pizza, he wouldn’t have room for his, chocolate fondant pudding, with lashings of cream.

Not any more but it from the supermarket .

Muddy, get that pinny out…:lol:

We sometimes get gluten free pizza bases, and add our own toppings. Not enough to freeze though, since they are small and we eat them with salad or sweet potato chips.

I have just made chilli con carne…I put baked beans in mine, tomato soup, tomatoes etc…this will last at leat 8 meals…saving myself a lot of money…tomorrow I’m hoping to make, lemon drizzle cake, apple ,sultana cake…I’m annoyed because I couldn’t find any loaf tin liners,

Looks good! Just don’t add Weetabix - apparently thats a thing now, according to another thread :078:

Same here!

If you grease the tin and give a light scattering of breadcrumbs or polenta it will do the same without the liners.

At our age I can’t see the point of saving money, what are you going to do with it when you are dead?

Personally I just spend or give it away when I accumulate too much in my bank account - the pandemic has exacerbated this unintended saving.

Don’t get the wrong idea I am not rich but it is just I don’t need anything other than the basics like fuel, clothing and food (think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). I have sufficient in my bank to cover minor emergencies like a fridge packing it in so saving money on food is not on the agenda and I can’t understand why anybody retired would bother.

If I have pizza left over I will tear it up and throw it on the roof of the car port for the biirds.

Not having a go, just saying.

Thanks for the tip, but I can’t be bothered with all that faffing about, I’m going to use my silicone ones, they are brilliant, problem is, I can’t find them,:lol:

Excuse me Bruce…who said I have an over flowing bank balance,…that’s why I’m cooking from scratch to save my pension money, going down the drain…
I have now fully retired.
I don’t take what you say personally ,that is your opinion,…I cook from scratch, not only is it healthier , it saves you money, plus buying ready meals, is being lazy, unless one is unable to cook due to illness ,etc…
Or, simply put…they can’t cook;-)…

Why should I give up my passion…you must be joking…:wink:

Sounds an odd combination to me,Pixie, i will give that one a miss.

It’s just a good way to stop the sides sticking if you don’t have any liner. works well.

I’ve looked it up…as far as I have read ,it doesn’t stop the cake from sticking, plus breadcrumbs showing on side of cake…you can’t beat loaf tin liners…just got some from my mate, she had spare…:smiley:

No one is asking you to give up your passion. The title of the thread is “How to save yourself a ton of Money” not “I Cook because I enjoy it”. I merely commented on the theme of the thread, is that not allowed?