Do you live alone?

Is this a witch hunt d00d :grin:

I am trying to calm the situation.

some people on here are widows/widowers with a stiff upper lip.

I’ve been married for 36 years, I would guess only about 5 have been odd! :icon_wink:

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As I said previously I now live alone, having lost my husband 14 years ago. I get out and about seeing friends etc. but no matter how busy I am during the day when I close my front door - I am alone. Most of the time it is fine but sometimes I do think it would be nice to have someone special in my life. Those of you who still have your partners with you - treasure every moment.


You should have married an alien . . . never a dull moment.

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Nah, history has shown, two folks under one roof, of the same ilk never lasts.

It’ll end in tears

The OP states that in his case, solo living has been a conscious choice, it’s sad when bereavement causes a person who is happy to be one of a couple has solo thrust upon them, that is a different matter.


When Profiling. A picture presented. Speaks. A 1,000 words! :dizzy_face:

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Grew up in family, fantastic parents, lived with Girlfriends/Fiancee, never been married though
Lived with Mates/friends, all male, that was great and awful at the same time :laughing:
Always been Independent anyway, found full independence late 20’s early 30s, always lived alone but with an open door for friends/girlfriends etc
M’lady and i live seperate today, it suits us perfectly


That is how I like it, the perfect relationship.


Personally I think it’s better for me to live with another.It means everything I do is just not about myself.

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Well said Psmith

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In the case of a true introvert, it is much easier to live alone, and relationships work better, and before you even say it, yes, you must find the right person( but that applies to everyone) and your options are limited; but not as limited as one might think.

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" Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."

George Eliot


Yes…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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I know of more and more people choosing to live alone, and peace is often mentioned.

I have a theory we modern westerners expect perfection, whether it be our phone, car, home or partner.

It seems to me people want a more or less perfect match or nothing at all and I totally get this.

It pains me to think my soul partner is out there but unknown to me.

Now this thing about life long commitment to one person, keeps nagging at my soul. I am married but so what, it doesn’t mean I can’t dream.

Go ahead and admonish my not
Being rigidly adhered to Judea Christian values.

My wife is very loving and loyal but intimacy is as much part of me as blood. Maybe I am spoilt. Here’s the thing, on the rare occasion we have intimacy, it can last all night, super passionate but it’s way too little for me. It’s noones fault, it’s just how we are.

I tell myself to be grateful but still this nagging thought I’m missing out

It’s commonly nicknamed ThickTok for a very good reason, I reckon. I’ve been online years before the Internet even existed and in all that time I have never seen anything so banal and which caters to the very lowest of common denominators. Merely seeing the content thumbnails on pages of Google as I surf and when my grandkids say “Look at this, grandad, it’s brilliant!” (it would crush them if I didn’t watch and feign interest) convinced me I’d never actually click on the trash and watch it.

I do agree that Tik Tok is impossibly banal and shallow but if you take time to search there are many gems too such as a guy I follow who’s building his own house.

I simply cannot fathom the many women doing Live chats in the morning just saying hi to randoms all making small talk. There’s one in Devon just saying the most banal things like the price of milk in her local Spa