Do you like aniseed balls? (poll)

I was watching John Oliver in an interview. He was talking about how he ate aniseed balls when he was young and found them disgusting.

Do you eat aniseed balls? Do you like them? Public poll.

Do you like aniseed balls?
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" Aniseed balls are a comfit type of hard round sweet sold in the UK, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. They are shiny and dark reddish brown, and hard like Gobstoppers, but generally only 1⁄2 inch (13 mm) across.

They are flavoured by aniseed oil, with a strong aniseed flavour, and last for a long time in the mouth before dissolving. In the centre of the ball is normally a whole rapeseed, which is used for forming layers of sugar around, although other nuclei such as sugar crystals are sometimes used."


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Back in the day, Balls would have been measured in inches not cms!!!

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I enjoyed them back in the day,havent had one in years.

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I loved them … along with barley sugar sticks … all the old fashioned sweets that were lined up in jars.
There was another one that tasted peppery, maybe cinnamon sticks?

They also make great ammo for a lad’s catapult :astonished::point_right::wink::+1::grin:

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Gobstoppers were better at that :smile:

I’m the same.I can’t remember why I stopped eating them.

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I think it`s called becoming an adult Psmith

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Army and Navy sweets are delish, a bit like kop kops but they don’t have a chewy centre. If you like licorice you will like them :yum: