Do you leave your Wireless Router on all the time?

In the next couple of days my Broadband is going over to Sky from AOL. Now at the moment I never leave my wireless router switched on 24/7 but alot of people do it seems. When I’m all programmed into Sky and my computer all sorted I have to leave my router left on continually for 10 days which worries me. Apparently the routers don’t get hot but I just feel a little bit vulnerable about leaving it switched on all that time. What do others do? :confused:

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I have both a wireless and a wired one.

Change when one or other plays up, both when using are allways left on.

Its the same as turning your TV off on stand by.

If you have a good circuit breaker on your mains board no prob

Thanks for your reply galty. We never leave our tv on stand by at night, only in the daytime.

I’m not sure if we have a good circuit breaker on our mains board or not.

It’s a difficult one isn’t it :confused: I’m a bit of a safety conscience freak as people will know on here. :slight_smile:

My wireless router is left on 24/7 with no problems.

Also, when we switched over to Sky, we were advised by Mr Sky Fitter to leave the TV on standby all the time…

From what I’ve been told your biger worry should be security over the wireless part. Make sure you have a fully encrypted link otherwise neighbours or even people parked in the street can easily hack into your computer.

Unfortunately Sky will tell you anything, I wouldn’t trust their so called technicians, they know nothing.

And I wouldn’t leave it on 24 hours a day if you’re not using it, not that I’m a fanatic on energy conservation but the TV on standby does use electricity and it is better to switch of at the mains if only to cut costs, don’t care what the Sky installer says:!:

I leave my router on all the time - just make sure you turn your pc off, or put it in sleep mode :slight_smile:

Why do you have to leave the router turned on for 10 days, did they say? I know when I set up the Ethernet connection to NTL, they said it might take an hour or so to be recognised. It was almost instant as it turned out. 10 days seems a bit long.

I know we live in a wireless world and that should be OK with the proper security measures in place to stop outsiders using the connection. However, I just don’t trust wireless. Both our computers are hard-wired to the router. The most distant one is connected via a 25 metre lead. The router’s wireless capability has been disabled.

I always turn my modem and router off at night time, along with the rest of the computer set-up.

Thanks for your replies, still not sure what to do. :confused:

Mart, Sky want it left on for 10 days so they can monitor the speed of Broadband.

At the moment we use a Netgear router that weve had for about 3 years and that gets quite hot. Weve got a new Sky router to use when it switches over, maybe they’ve improved them now so they don’t get hot.

Leave it on all the time, … some have a standby button, . . don’t press that either, . . switching them off just causes problems, . . do switch off your PC though. :wink:

I switched mine off every night when I first got it and had a few problems. I was advised to leave it on. The only time I switch off is when I go on holiday.

Cheers again to you all. Maybe that’s why I keep getting disconnected alot then. I’ll leave the Sky router turned on and see how it goes. Thanks :023:

I’ve never had a problem caused by turning the modem and router off when it’s not in use. This isn’t a stand-by mode either but a total mains switch off. It takes about 15 seconds for the modem to connect again when the power is turned back on.

Regarding that monitoring. When you are not actually using the Internet, there won’t be anything to monitor whether the modem is switched on or off. They might want to check to see if you are connected but I wonder why? The only time there’ll be any speed to measure will be when you are active on the Net.

Sometimes the server may send updates for the modem during the night so leaving it on is good advice, . . it’s similar to your freeview box for the TV, . . never turn that off either, . . you’ve probably seen a picture on your TV sometimes saying not to change channels because a software update is coming through.

Been turning off for too many years with no ill-effects to behave any different now :-). I do see that on TV occasionally. That’s when I’m watching though, so that service doesn’t seem to operate only during stand-by times.

I didn’t realise you could turn the wireless router on and off, so it is always on. I thought as long as the computers were off you were OK. I have such a lot to learn about computer technology and as fast as I learn stuff seems there is even more new stuff waiting. Gotta to keep up, but its so time consuming:confused:

In the next couple of days my Broadband is going over to Sky from AOL.

Do you have it writing,signed in blood and witnessed that AO Hell have agreed? They are slippery scum bags to put it midly.

I nearly went to SKY from AOL when I wanted to go wireless, but eventually stayed with AOL as they gave me a deal (like they always do when they want to keep a customer). It remains to be seen whether I have done the right thing. Hope all goes well for you when you change over.

I wondered what you were on about - then I realised you were quoting someone! :lol:

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Yes they do put it in writing and they also send you information that you need to know like, username, passwords etc to put onto your router when you set it up.

What I really miss about AOL which I can’t get anywhere else is to be able to put photos straight onto an email, you have to attach them on other mail packages. I really miss that.