Do you know how pain killers work?

Two ways pain killers work.
Pain Killers like Ibuprofen stop the injured cells from making a certain chemical which tells the brain of the pain.
Pain Killers like Paracetamol and Codeine work by stopping the pain messages from entering the brain.
The pain is still there but the brain tells you it isn’t.
Your simplified health lesson for the day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes,we are all very grateful when the pain killer works but the cause it still there though.


I don’t know how my OxyNorm works but it does!

It’s a controlled drug, probably for a good reason.

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I was told yesterday about magnets to help relieve pain. Does anyone know anything about this? and is it effective?

If you have a headache there is one very quick way of getting rid of it. Drop a heavy brick on bare toes and the headache will go

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Haha …sorry , but this made me giggle

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The brain is a muscle to be very wary about !!
The damage it can cause !

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