Do you have faith in your doctor?

I’ve been going through some mental turmoil lately & my doctor has prescribed me some antidepressants.
I undid the packet to take the first one last night & was concerned to read on the leaflet that they shouldn’t be taken by people who have heart problems or who have recently had a heart attack.

As I had a heart attack in October that rules me out.

Why did the doctor prescribe these for me without reading my notes? It could have caused me more harm than good.

I have contacted the surgery & am awaiting a callback.

Has anybody else had reason to be dissatisfied with their doctor?



A lot of medicines say things like that but they are fine if reviewed by the doctor before prescription.

Maybe, but can you blame me for being cautious?
I would rather read that they were heart friendly medication. (if there is such a thing)

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What`s a doctor Carol ?.
The name is vaguely familiar.


The Wife and Daughter work for our GP so we know him well and know he is very good.

I had blood tests taken 7th November by nurse , I am still waiting for a phone call from my doctor re the tests . I have a phone appointment next Tuesday. 2 months for a 5 minute phone call . Thank goodness I’m healthy !

No I don’t . I refuse to take anti depressants. For myself, they do more damage than good so I prefer a holistic approach. I trust old age remedies that have been around for thousands of years as opposed to conventional medicine which has been around a few centuries.

Chinese medicine is more reliable in my opinion.
For depression I prefer taking Lions Mane Mushrooms. It’s anti inflammatory. Inflammation can get in the brain and cause mental health issues.

It’s certainly worth checking out. In fact there are many different types of healing mushrooms like turkey tail, cordyceps, reishi etc.

Lions Mane is good for the heart also but if you are taking any other medication, make sure they don’t interact.

Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.


I’m not (yet) dissatisfied but my faith in any doctor is limited by nature. I always double-check and would make changes if necessary. It depends on what it is, though.

I’ve had a call back from the doctor who assured me she had prescribed these tablets for hundreds of people who had heart problems & none had any bother!!

I have got some others that I stopped taking because they gave me bad headaches but at least they don’t harm the heart!!

I discussed it with the doctor & she agreed that it might be better for me to take the ones that give me headaches.

Can’t win can I?

Was this meant to be just a yes or no question?

Example: Yes I have faith in my doctor and take anything they prescribe without question

No I don’t have faith in my doctor and do not take what they prescribe?


Heart conditions can be very complicated
,I am currently on 24 tablets a day plus morphine.
I can actually feel a couple of them having an immediate effect on my heart and lungs.

Ok then.
For the record, my answer was concerning anti depressants for depression, not any other condition and was speaking for myself and only myself. Some people shouldn’t take anti depressants and I’m one of them.

I’ve got a relative who was taking so many prescriptions that their drivers licence was suspended. It’s happened twice now.
These were ALL prescribed medicines.

I thought this was a site for senior discussion.
My mistake! :nerd_face:

What doctor ?
I wouldn’t know my doctor if she tripped me up on the street
Luckily I haven’t had the need to see any doctor in the last three years which is just as well in the present circumstances.

As I get older I don’t trust the doctors all that much we are old and expendable .


I belong to a large training practice…my doctor could be any one of 15…but they do get me in for an annual health check.
This years is due in March.
So I suppose I do trust them!Emphasis on them…!

Just to also add my doctor works only 2 days a week and I’ve never met her so I am unsure whether I have faith in her as yet . My previous doctor of 20 years retired , a lovely chap .

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I’ve been told it’s all computerised nowadays, and a doctor can’t prescribe conflicting meds, the system won’t allow it, alarm bells ring. No room for human error?

No faith in our doctors. You never see the same one twice and they want you in and out asap. I went to see a paramedic yesterday who was very thorough and then he said he needed to get a GP in to see me. This was for what I believe is a basal cell carcinoma as I have had them before. The GP walked in (never seen her before) looked at it for a nano second said “fungal” and went out again. I have to put anti fungal cream on for 10 days then go back.

Not a doctor but a nurse. We have one that is excellent. I have skin cancer that has been reluctant to heal . The dermatology nurse been very diligent with the treatments. The scars are almost cleared.

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Yesterday afternoon I phoned about an ongoing problem. I was offered a noon appointment with the paramedic prescriber who became involved with my problem, which I kept today. The resultant consultation provided an urgent on-line letter (inc photographs) to the area dermatology unit and a script for a specific steroid cream to get me through until I receive the appointment from the dermatologist.

I moved to this surgery about 2yrs ago after some very poor response from the previous setup and so far I cannot fault this group practice.

In my case it wasn’t a matter of conflicting meds - it was just that the newly prescribed meds could have a bad effect on my heart…