Do you have any toys from you or your children’s young days

That you have Kept?

Just found these in the cupboard, they were my youngest sons, he used to play with that street shark non stop, it’s like a puppet… just brought back memories .


Not a single item. A direct lightning strike burnt our home (at the time) out during 1995 and stole almost everything we had. From family photographs to a naked portrait of my wife at 8 1/2 moths pregnant with our first born in oils. That thunder storm stole the lot!

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These are two of my daughter’s dolls, which my granddaughter plays with when she visits. The long haired one is wearing a dress that was my daughter’s as a baby. The little glove puppet in the middle was one I made for my son to put on his stocking ‘from Father Christmas’. My daughter had one as well but I don’t know what happened to that.
We also have some Fisher Price toys which all the grandchildren have played with.
I did have a doll of mine, over 60 years old, and it was certainly around in recent years but I’m darned if I can find it.

I still have the doll that my dad bought for me on Christmas eve, when coming home from my grandparents. I was 4 years old & that little black doll is still mine. My dad died when I was 26 and the doll is still a lovely memory of us going into the shop to buy it.

The Rocking Horse we bought our daughter has been handed down and still going strong.47 years later.waiting for great grandchildren .
A Teddy and knitted doll 31 yrs old which accompioned my son when he was having an operation at 6 weeks old ,

My daughter has been buying off Ebay, Toys from her Childhood , who remembers The Weebles ?

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Daughter & I collect Sindy dolls. She regrets selling her wooden Sindy caravan now, she did keep a Sindy doll, we have been finding others, at car boots/fairs & have several of the old 70’/80’s dolls. Even in not so good condition, we see one & have to have it, I cant bear to leave them. :grinning: We are also buying the new Sindy dolls & outfits, sold recently, they are very like the originals, but not the same. I prefer the old ones.

Also replacing some of the toys Daughter & I, toy cuddlies from TV shows. Fraggle Rock, etc. that we loved to watch.