Do you get rid of superfluous stuff from your home?

My post has prompted you to begin the long put off clean out?
Yeah me :grin:


It certainly has Bretrick, it certainly has! :clap:


Jeez Conradd, this isn’t Tik Tok y’know! :sweat_smile:


go forth and multiply…well actually one is too many so just go forth…

I’m so young at heart, I must snap-out of it, tell you what I’m gonna order a cardigan and start acting my age

Thank you Dianne, I will look for a path and obey your will

thinks liking posts now makes it ok…well some people are just passed their sell by date…

From now upsetting others on here is not an acceptable Path to take…

You will not get another post from me…you sure are an oddball…

I don’t hold grudges as that would make me somewhat impy and intolerant

well I found this found but not the one with him clearly on his Boat as yet…he is in fishing mode though…


Haha, don’t be too impressed; the dumpster ia double the size that was ordered and it will mostly hold the debris from a renovation…but every item that goes into it feels like a little more freedom :sunglasses:.



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Oh wow!
That’s terrific, he really does look the part, a certain gravitas.
Forget the clear out, I want to go fishing now! :+1:

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Somehow or other the back of our garage is stuffed with nunber 2’s sons rubbish. will have to chuck most of it if he doesn’t take it soon, it has been there for years

Well Scotland has some real beautiful lakes so your be spoilt for choice…yes would agree with Trixie Nutter tonight is the night…

Cant speak for Trixie of course… :two_hearts:


Nah , maybe Trixie’s sloped of for another glass of red and a couple more spicy prawns :wink::fire: :shrimp: :shrimp:

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Oh, one does not slope

One merely


Oh yes! :rofl::+1:

Number 2s in your garage?

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Do you know, heckers your right on that…Spitty…


to do a “number one”: to pee, to urinate IDIOM

to do a “number two”: to poop, to defecate IDIOM

“Number one” and “number two” are expressions often used by parents and children when talking about going to the bathroom.

Just like yous…trying to figure why he’s keeping it stored in the Garage though!