Do You Ever Have A Little Flutter?

I mean as in a little bet on the horses, greyhounds, or anything else you can have a bet on?

I only ever betted once in 1971. A work colleague had a tip from ‘Honest Joe’ or some name like that who was the trainer.
I bet 50p and won something like £7 which was a lot in those days!

What about you, do you, or did you ever have a little flutter on something?
Did you win or lose? I hope it wasn’t a serious loss…

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No,never.My parents were very religious,no drinking,no betting,no naughty women and no swearing.
(One out of four is not bad.)
That always told me that if you see a brand new car outside the bookies it will be his.

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No! I’ve never bet on any horses , played the slot games or purchased any lotteries. I guess I’m not really a gambler.

Nor me I’ve never made a bet . Ah , many years ago I did buy the £1 lottery ticket but gave up after always being disappointed cause I never won a penny back .

No, never, some become addicted to gambling and lose everything…my window cleaner was a gambler, he was addicted, he told me his story…:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Yes I have often bet on a horse but I used to go to the races more than I do now.
Years ago I used to put a Yankee bet on,( which is . six Doubles, four Trebles and one fourfold accumulator. Two or more selections must be successful to have a return).
My best win in this was back in the 70’s when I paid £1.10p for the bet & got a return of £153. The bookmaker, who was a friend of my husband, told me that if i did it again her would ban me from betting at his shop! :laughing:

I forgot about the lottery.I always did it with others in work because I was afraid I’d turn up on Monday morning and be the only one there.

We play the lottery but that’s about it really.

I’ve bet on grand national in the past but I dont anymore, I wishbthey wound ban it, its heartbreaking when a horse falls and has to be put to sleep because of the injury.

We aren’t nuch of gamblers but we were when we went to Vegas playing nightly slot machines. We didn’t play big just cent slots and it was such fun. We broke even most nights! Can’t go to Vegas and not have flutter! Not been near a slot since our return.

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I play the lottery sometimes, and have had a bet in the Grand National if there was a horse name I really liked. I have been to a local racecourse as well, just for the experience. Its fun at the time I suppose but so is eating an ice cream :icecream:

like Pixie, I used to put a bet on the grand national…now I still pick a horse just to watch it , but don’t bet on it …I do put a lottery ticket on every week

I don’t play the lottery, but over the years have gone to many casinos, and played blackjack, poker, and most recently the slot machines.

I keep this in mind: Never take more money than you can afford to lose, and assume the money is going for entertainment, not for profit.

Some days I win some days I lose, but I do enjoy gambling. Not just in casinos, either. :wink:

Never nowadays and only extremely rarely in the past, even with things like the lottery.
It’s not for any religious or moral reasons, it’s just that it’s never interested me.

Maybe play the lottery once in a blue moon, but otherwise I won’t gamble at all. I work hard for my money and just not prepared to just hand it over to someone on the vague chance of increasing it.

I used to bet on the Grand National, but stopped doing that years ago when I first realised how many horse died as a result of the race. I do one scratch card a week as my reward for another non-smoking week, have done this for 15 years since I stopped smoking.

Not these days. When Mr B and I were courting (doesn’t that sound quaint these days, haha), his mum and dad used to like a flutter on the horses on a Saturday, and if I was at their house I’d put a couple of bob ‘each way’ on a horse. It was a bit of fun, and I rarely got anything back. Oh and we used to do the pools when we first married - Littlewoods, it was, a collector would knock every week for our prediction and the payment. Can’t remember how much it cost, but I do remember winning £70 one week, which paid for us to have a telephone connected, and buy a lovely electric fire for the living room.

Then later it was the lottery, but I haven’t bought a ticket for years now. I think Mr B still belongs to a small syndicate that he joined when he was working, and you know how it is, you’re afraid to leave it…

Other than that, nothing, unless you count having quite a few Premium Bonds.

What l do remember about having my little flutter at the bookmakers was how smoky it was in there and some people stayed in them all day!!

I worked in a lawyers years ago, and one of them liked a bet. He was older, a smoker and a drinker… he used the bookies to hide from his wife and any clients he hadn’t “quite” done a good job for! One day a call came into the office from an irate client, threatening all sorts.

“Tell that Mr *Brown I can see him…I can seeeeeee him from where I am, I know he’s there, and I’m gunning for him!!!” the guy yelled down the phone.

I was very young and naive at the time, and ran into Mr Brown’s office

“Get down!, get down!!..Mr *Smith is on the phone and he can see you and he has a gun!!”

So Mr Brown fell to his hands and knees and crawled to the fire escape, and scooted off to the bookies down the road!

*all names have been changed in order to protect the innocent

I’ve never ever set foot in a bookies. My last place of work used to run a sweepstake on the Grand National that I used to have a go on but that stopped when the canteen ladies were made redundant and it was outsourced.